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tl;dr: Branding is a highly useful feature inside the editor. It allows you to save styles (like fonts, colors, logos) for different brands and access them easily in

New era of video creation

Have you ever been in a situation when you had to outsource your video creation to an agency? Or perhaps you are an agency yourself and have to create hundreds of videos for your customers, each of them with their unique corporate fonts and colors?

We’ve been there. Every time our designer needs to create a video, she needs to consult with another designer first, then show the video to the team, then to our manager, only to find out we wanted her to use Oswald DemiBold instead of Bold.

Our designer at times like these:

Choosing fonts and colors every time you create a video is tedious. But if you work with several brands, the problem becomes grave: the approval process for each video takes forever, and there is no way to scale the video production and make more videos in less time.

Or is there?

We are happy to introduce one of our coolest features – Branding. It streamlines the process of creating branded videos at speed and scale, helping you save time while sticking with the corporate style.

The Branding feature streamlines the process of creating branded videos at speed and scale, helping you save time while sticking with the corporate style.

Creating brands in

So, what is this feature Branding about anyway?

Branding allows you to create several brands in your account. For each brand, you can

  • import logos
  • set corporate colors that will be used for text on video
  • define the font (or fonts).

In the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll find a tab called My Brand. To give you an idea of how brands operate, we have created a set of sample brands that you’ll find in the drop-down menu. All brands you create will appear in this list.

In order to create a new brand, simply click on Manage brands. This will open up a brand creation profile.

Brand Manager menu

Here, you can set a brand’s name (to be able to distinguish between the brands while working with, corporate fonts, colors, and logos.


Brand Manager_Edit Name

Bonus tip: make sure to upload the most used logo first. This way, it is the one that will show in the tab My brands, and you will be able to recognize it easily.

Choosing fonts

Let’s start with selecting fonts for our new brand. In, there are more than 300 Google fonts available, and you can easily search for a necessary font in the search field. Wave allows you to choose up to 21 fonts for each brand. We do hope this will give you more flexibility when making videos!

Once you select the brand fonts, they are going to be available in the Edit section when working with text on video.

Bonus tip: Our design team created a list of 28 combinations of fonts that work beautifully together.

Setting custom colors

Just like with fonts, you can select custom colors to apply them quickly to various elements of your video such as backgrounds and texts.

We can’t stress enough how important – and powerful – it is for your business to put text overlays on video. Over 85% of marketers find it more convincing to use text on video along with the image. But with the whole hex color palette available, how do you make sure which color to use? Or better yet, how do you make sure it’s the right hue of your corporate colors?

With Branding in, you can select the colors by their hex number. You can choose the color for text, background, highlight, and decoration (which is the little line you see to the left of the text). Experiment with various text effects and see what works best for your videos.

Brand manager_colors

Additionally, you can create several Text Styles, i.e. variations of text, background, highlight and decoration colors. It is possible that sometimes you will want to use lighter colors from your corporate palette, and other times you will go with darker hues, depending on the visuals. With, there is no need to select the colors every time you create a video: just define brand color swatches once and then use them for all the videos you make.

Brand Manager_Text Styles

Bonus tip: If you are just getting started with creating your own corporate style and choosing a color palette, make sure to try Coolors. This online tool creates beautiful color palettes literally with a click of the space button.

Adding logos and watermarks

Your logo is an essential (if not the most important) element of your company and its corporate style. This element is what makes you visually distinct from all other businesses. Logos and watermarks are a powerful instrument that can turn your video into a lead-generating brand-awareness-building promotional machine.

Here is how you can add your logo to the Brand in and have it handy for all future projects.

Basically, watermarks are similar to logo, with the only difference: watermarks are visible throughout the whole video, meaning that the information that you display there is available to the viewers at all times.

There are endless ways how watermarks can improve your videos. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a logo of your company (although placing a logo as a watermark is one of the most popular ways of using this feature). Just to name a few other things you can do using this new feature:

  • Put a company’s telephone number with a call to action “Call us now!”
  • If you are running a promotion campaign, put a coupon code.
  • Add your address or any other information. Use watermarks for double branding.
  • Double logo – double profit!

As you can see, possibilities are endless. And what’s even more important, the watermark is going to be there for the whole video.

Here is a video made using the Brand that we’ve just created.

Why is Branding a game-changer for making videos?

Branding was one of the most asked about features among users. And for a good reason! Here are just some of the ways how Branding is going to help your video marketing skyrocket:

  • Streamline video creation. Set up the color scheme, fonts and logos for your brand once and easily access them every time you want to create a new video.
  • Watermark videos. Place a watermark to share additional information with your users that they will be able to see throughout the whole video. CTAs, coupon codes, an additional logo for double branding, and just about anything else you could think of.
  • Delegate video production to anyone on your team with a peace of mind and confidence that your videos have a consistent look no matter who creates them. No need for the endless approval process.
  • Switch between different brands in one click. No need to customize fonts and colors from scratch and keep all the details about dozens of brands in mind.

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How to create brand preset

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