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How to Add a Progress Bar to Video in 4 Easy Steps

There’s a reasonable probability that you’ve seen many social media videos with intriguing progress animations when browsing the web. These progress indicators are called “video progress bars” and are becoming more and more common among content creators.

You probably already know that adding an animated progress bar to your video is an easy way to increase views and engagement. But why else do content creators use them? And how can you create your own video progress bar? These are some questions we will answer in this material, so keep on reading!

What Is a Progress Bar?

A progress bar is a visual indicator of how far along a process is. It’s a simple way to show the status of a process until reaching a specific goal, like whether you have completed an online form or uploaded files.

When it comes to videos, a progress bar helps users see how much of the video they’ve watched and how much of it is left. This enables viewers to gauge what information to expect in the video and how much time they spend watching it. You should, without a doubt, create progress bars for your content if you want your audience to get a glimpse of how lengthy your video content will be before they watch the whole thing.

Types of Progress Bars

Usually, when editing your videos, you have to choose from two types of progress bars: default or indeterminate progress bars. Both are used for different practices, so let’s learn more about these animation elements.

1. Default Progress Bar

This type of progress bar is the general one, aimed to help the user understand the duration until the completion of the video watching. The more the video track is viewed, the more the bar is filled with stripes or other visual material.

2. Indeterminate Progress Bar

As the name states, this type of progress bar is mainly used to represent an indeterminate cycle. You can use this type of animation to showcase that a specific part of your video is loading without measuring the actual progression of the material. 

Why Should You Add a Progress Bar to Video Content?

To add or not to add a progress bar to video content? That is the question. 

Well, adding a progress bar to your video material comes with a couple of benefits, such as:

  1. Generating more video engagement
  2. Helping viewers know their video-watching progress
  3. It makes your videos more dynamic
  4. Building a personal/business brand

1. Generating More Video Engagement

Progress bars might assist your audience in unwinding and getting more interested in your content. You can drive more video engagement by fostering a sense of activity and expectation.

As they give the viewer a sneak peek of how lengthy your video is, progress bars also impact the rate at which the video is completed. They are really helpful for getting people to stick with your videos through the entire thing rather than leaving in the midst.

As soon as the progress meter is done, the viewer will feel their time was appreciated, and endorphins will soar. And this will determine a chain of reactions. The viewer will feel more connected to the brand or person who created the video content in this way, which will ultimately result in greater engagement.

What can be done to guarantee that the progress bar is appealing enough to draw viewers in? The animation from left to right should be as fluid as possible. When an animation pauses for a long time, the user can think that the procedure has stalled and won’t wait.

2. Helping Viewers Know Their Video Watching Progress

Progress bars help viewers understand how much they have until they complete the video they are watching. And this can come very in handy in some situations, especially when the video material is a bit longer and, sometimes, cannot be watched from one go.

Think about the times you were watching your favorite series on Netflix, and you had to take a break midway through the episode. With the aid of the progress bar’s position, you may play your films from the point where you last left them, even if you want to switch from computer to phone or any other device.

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3. It Makes Your Videos More Dynamic

A simple default progress bar can make your video way more dynamic. How? Through eye-catching animations and other styling effects. 

If there isn’t a lot of motion in the background of your video (i.e., you are a vlogger and the content is you speaking to the camera), adding an animated progress bar to your video can be a visual focus point for your viewers.

4. Building a Personal or Business Brand

Progress bars can have an impact on the way people watching your videos perceive you or your company.

Generally, animated progress bars are just pieces of visual elements that you add to your video content. And constancy is key. The more you use the same video bar template on multiple of your videos, the easier it will be for your audience to connect your brand and this visual element.

How to Add a Progress Bar to Video Content in 4 Easy Steps

Now that you know why to add a progress bar to your video, the next thing you can find out is how to do so. Thankfully, when you use the editor, the whole process takes just a few minutes.

Here are the steps you need to take to add progress bars with

  • Upload your video
  • Add a progress bar
  • Customize your progress bar
  • Download your video

1. Upload Your Video

To begin your journey of creating a progress bar, the first thing you need to do is to add your video material. Go to the “Stocks & Uploads” section, import your own video material, or choose any content from our stock library.  

You might merely select a practice video to edit to hone your progress bar editing techniques.

2. Add a Progress Bar

Next, on the left menu, select Enhancers to add a dynamic progress bar to your video. Next, select the Progress bar from the inspector menu on the right-hand side. 

3. Customize Your Progress Bar

After selecting the progress bar, you want to use for your video, you can customize its style by editing the color fill and width. 

The design of your progress bar and the placement of the object on display is crucial to the overall caliber of the video content. Select the appropriate size and color, and make sure it will work for your needs. It is also wise to ensure that your progress bar spans the entire width of your video.

Simple as that, your progress bar has been added to your video. Congratulations! It is time to wrap up the video editing journey!

4. Download Your Video

Now that the progress bar is added to your file, there is only one task left to complete the operation: downloading the freshly edited material! Click the blue Publish icon in the top right corner of the screen to download your video. 

To make sure that the content is generated correctly, remember to choose the Video format from the drop-down menu. will process your video for a little while before being immediately stored on your PC.

Creative Examples of Videos With Progress Bars

If you are looking for an example of how a progress bar can transform your video, we have put together a set of creative usages of video progress bars.

1. Chloe Ting’s Progress Bar

Chloe Ting is a workout trainer, and through her video content, she aims to support those in need of a personal trainer at home. 

Her progress bars are aimed to showcase the transition between various fitness elements while also introducing the viewer to the percentage of the workout that has already been completed. As you can see, the visual bar is discrete, and it doesn’t take up that much space from the screen. 

Chloe Ting is a workout trainer, and through her video content, she aims to support those in need of a personal trainer at home. 

Her progress bars are aimed to showcase the transition between various fitness elements while also introducing the viewer to the percentage of the workout that has already been completed. As you can see, the visual bar is discrete, and it doesn’t take up that much space from the screen. 

2. Gary Vee’s Progress Bar

When it comes to progress bars, Gary Vee’s red line is already a statement, and it can even be considered his personal brand “signature”, with thousands of people googling for “ways to edit videos like Gary Vee”. 

As you can notice in the visual example, his progress bar is a simple yet effective manner that helps viewers understand how far they are from completing the video. The style is also minimalistic, reminding us of the classic YouTube progress bar.

3. BeerBiceps’ Progress Bar

BeerBiceps is also one of the admired content creators regarding video progress bars, and you can see why from the example of the Instagram post above. The yellow fine line is placed right in the middle of the page to track the viewing progress. 

The progress bar is positioned strategically, as you can easily ride the closed captions and take a look, at the same time, at the progress element, making it accessible for those who struggle with focus to both understand the message and check their progress.

It’s Time to Create Progress Bars

You have seen why they are essential, learned how to design them, and seen some creative examples of progress bars. Now that you have all the tools, there is only one more thing left for you to do: start creating your very own progress bar!

We’ll keep you in the loop!

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