Add Progress Bar to a Video

Enhance your videos with dynamic progress bars to hold viewers’ attention, increase watch time and improve the watching experience. Make your video stand out in the feed with animated progress bars.


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How to add a progress bar to your video:
Step-by-step guide

  • Step 1.<br/>Get your video inside the Wave.video editor.

    Step 1.
    Get your video inside the Wave.video editor.

    Upload your footage that you want to enrich with a progress bar to the Wave.video platform. Haven’t filmed anything yet? No problem. Get some stock footage from the built-in library to customize it to your needs.

  • Step 2.<br/>Add a progress bar to your video.

    Step 2.
    Add a progress bar to your video.

    Go to Enhancers on the left menu, choose the ‘Progress bar’ tab in the inspector menu on the right-hand side and select the progress bar style from the list.

  • Step 3.<br/>Customize the progress bar.

    Step 3.
    Customize the progress bar.

    Select the colors for the animation and set the width for your progress bar. Your video with a progress bar is ready.

Ready-made templates for videos
with progress bars

Click on any video template to customize it for your business and use case.

Why your video needs a progress bar

It’s eye-catching
It’s eye-catching

This dynamic animated visualization makes your video stand out in the feed. Choose from 8 different presets to find your favorite style!

It’s good for watching experience
It’s good for watching experience

Progress bars make it easy for the viewers to estimate how much time does it take to watch your video. Video with a progress bar is more likely to be watched till the end.

It’s customizable
It’s customizable

With Wave.video you can customize the progress bar with your own colors to make it a part of your video branding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a progress bar?
A video progress bar is an animated overlay used to visualize the progression of the video playback in real-time.
Can I add progress bars to any videos?
Yes, with Wave.video you can add customizable progress bars to videos of any format, aspect ratio and length.
Can I customize the video progress bars with Wave.video?
Yes. Wave.video offers 8 different presets for video progress bars to define the shape and position of the animated overlay. Plus, you can set your own colors for the visualization and adjust the width of the progress bar.