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How to Stream a Pre-Recorded Video: The Easiest Way Described in Detail

lear to stream pre-recorded videos

Ever wondered how to stream a pre-recorded video? Well, it’s possible, and with the right strategy and tools, you can achieve similar or even better results as live video.

Live streams undoubtedly lead in terms of delivering maximum views and audience engagement. However, it’s not always the best. The live video feed can be interrupted by equipment failure or stream quality compromised by things beyond your control, like lisp or something else you can’t prevent.

Streaming a pre-recorded video can also be very simple once you get the hang of it. Many streamers and brands are already doing it successfully. Read on and find out how you can too.

Why Stream a Pre-Recorded Video

Should you stream a pre-recorded video? With most preferences leaning toward live streams, the obvious answer is no. However, live video has disadvantages and can hold you back as a streamer. Find out below why you should stream a pre-recorded video:

Get More Control

The quality and success of any live video are always up to chance. It’s dependent on the proper functioning of all the necessary equipment and that you be your best self during the live stream.

With a pre-recorded video, you can ensure the pacing, sound levels, and visuals are exactly the way you want them. You can also edit out any mistakes, create special effects, or add extra audio and visuals without worrying about the technical issues that come with live streaming.

This allows you to put more care and attention into every aspect of your videos and bring your creative vision to life. Plus, with a pre-recorded video, you can practice and rehearse as much as you need before settling on the final output that you can be confident reflects your brand’s quality.

Make Your Videos Look More Professional

With ever-increasing competition, any serious streamer can’t afford to deliver subpar content. It’s also near impossible to pull off the perfect stream live. Random things happen that are out of your control, and down goes your content’s quality. Pre-recorded videos can help solve most of these; the answer lies with the extra time they give you. 

Creating and editing a video before streaming ensures that it looks its best for viewers. Pre-recording also allows you to add graphics, animations, and special effects that will take your video to the next level.

With more time, it’s possible to create a consistent look and feel across your videos. You can achieve this by adding intro and outro graphics to your pre-recorded videos and a consistent color palette.

Your viewers will be able to recognize your content right away. More chances to experiment with different camera angles, lighting setups, and transitions between scenes can also lend your videos a professional polish.

Avoid Distractions

You must be fully present to deliver the best content for your audience. This isn’t always the case in real life. Unless you’re some kind of hermit or have strict boundaries, distractions will always be there. They’re also unpredictable.

Pre-recording a video allows you to stop the recording as soon as distractions begin and resume where you left off. The same can’t be said with a live stream, which can result in a disappointed audience.

Be More Active in the Chatbox

During a live stream, you’ll most likely be focused on the video, but with a pre-recorded video, you’re mostly free to engage with your viewers and create an interactive experience. 

This can be a great way to connect with your audience and build relationships. Additionally, having an active chatbox allows you to stay up to date with what’s going on in the community and respond to any questions or concerns your viewers may have.

User-friendly stream chat

in studioTry it

Demonstrate Your Creativity

Unlike live video, when you choose to stream a pre-recorded video, you have the freedom to edit your video however you want. You can add special effects and transitions, adjust the speed of your video, or even create a stop-motion animation.

The best part is you still get the chance to have multiple takes until you’re satisfied with the output.

How to Use for Streaming a Pre-Recorded Video

Here’s how to livestream a pre-recorded video using

  1. Enter website and sign in to your account or create a new one.
  2. Go to the My projects section, then click on My Streams & recordings.
  3. Here you can either prerecord a video (click on New Recording) or choose Setup Live Stream if you already have the video you want to stream. 

As here you have two options, let’s go together through each one. 

Option #1: Pre-recording video in 

As you know, is a multifunctional platform that allows you not only to edit and stream but also record videos, and repurpose then. Click on the New Recording button to record your screen or web camera. 

Record your own videos

with Wave.videoRecord now!

Now you are in the recording studio; here, you can arrange the space and add images, videos, and other media files you want to record. Create scenes with different designs and content. Invite others to join your recording via the guest link. 

Once the recording is finished, click on End recording, and then Go to Video.  In the video menu, you can deal with hosting or streaming settings.

  • Click on Stream to start streaming the video right ahead. Choose your destination, and schedule it for later if needed.
  • Click on Send to Live Studio to add the video to your studio and show it on stream when you need it. 

Option #2: Streaming prerecorded video from your computer 

If you already have the video that you want to stream, you can easily do it with

Set up your live stream or schedule it for later, and then enter the studio for a start. 

Here you can either upload the video as a media file and show it on stream or add a video as a separate streaming option. 

Click on the Share button, and choose Share Video; in your computer library, find the video you want to stream and add it. 

The video is in the bottom part of the screen, with other stream guests and cameras. 

Click on Show on Stream to broadcast it. 


How to Stream a Pre-Recorded Video to YouTube Live or Facebook Live?

YouTube and Facebook Live don’t support streaming a pre-recorded video natively. To do this, you’ll need third-party streaming software. It can be paid or free, with OBS being the most known option as it’s free and powerful.

However, OBS, like other free streaming software, can be complex to work with and even tricky for beginners. streaming software is more straightforward, stable, and offers more advanced features. It’s also more convenient since it easily supports multi-platform streaming.

To stream a pre-recorded video to YouTube or Facebook Live, follow the instructions for how to use for streaming a pre-recorded video.

When you get to step, #4 add YouTube and Facebook Live as your preferred destination and continue with the rest of the steps.

Get maximum benefit

with multi-streamingGo live

Do I Necessarily Need OBS to Stream a Pre-Recorded Video? What Other Tools Exist for This Purpose?

OBS is only one tool. Many other paid and free streaming software alternatives exist, including XSplit, Flutin, and OneStream. 

Paid streaming software is usually more convenient and more accessible to work with than free streaming software, which is equally as powerful but requires you to put some effort into understanding how it works.

However, all these must be installed on your device. This may only sometimes be practical or even possible with some low-powered computers. Web-based options like streaming software are the ultimate plug-and-play tools. They offer advanced streaming features at a fraction of the cost without straining your computer. 

Do Live Streams Attract More Viewers Than Regular Videos? Are Pre-Recorded Videos Worse Than Live Videos in This Regard?

Yes, Livestreams attract more viewers than regular videos. Partly, this is because viewers can watch something happening live, creating a more personal, deeper, and immediate connection between you and your audience.

Another phenomenon that may explain this is the fear of missing out (FOMO), a term formed just as social media platforms were in their formative stages. Just the thought that the video won’t be around much longer than the livestream’s duration is enough motivation for most people to watch it, lest they miss out on something they love or are interested in.

However, most but not all pre-recorded videos fall in the scope of “regular videos.” Still, all is not lost. If you can structure the pre-recorded video to be like other live videos, it’s possible to attain almost similar views and engagement metrics as live videos.

The best thing about pre-recorded videos is that they can be fine-tuned close to perfection. The crucial ingredient is inserting engagement sections like you would in a live video. In most instances, the audience is interested in having their opinions heard. Whether or not they’re responded to in real-time doesn’t bear much significance.

Can I Stream a Pre-Recorded Video to Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to stream a pre-recorded video on Instagram. This can be done using third-party streaming software like OBS Studio, which allows you to broadcast videos to Instagram in real-time. OBS Studio can capture your desktop screen and broadcast it to your Instagram profile.

This software makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality streams with professional-level features. Even though it’s free, it can be complex, unlike streaming software.

To start streaming pre-recorded videos to Instagram, you must have an active Instagram account. You will then need to configure your streaming setup and select the proper settings in the third-party app or service you’re using. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to go live.

Final Thoughts

As a streamer, your focus should be on delivering the best viewing experience for your audience. Most people prefer live video, but it’s also challenging for streamers to guarantee high-quality content with virtually no time to correct errors or technical difficulties during the livestream.

When executed correctly, streaming a pre-recorded video can pass off as live video; there’ll also be more room for editing and error correction. This isn’t supported natively on most platforms, and you’ll have to use third-party software to go around it.

Try it yourself and analyze your performance; you’ll be surprised how pre-recorded video stacks up.

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