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How to Remove Background From Image in 5 Easy Steps

How to Remove Background From Image in 6 Easy Steps

Oh, images! Those fantastic stills make a valuable content format across social.

And, hey, they may not be as engaging as videos, but you need them to make terrific thumbnails and other social media promotion graphics that netizens crave.

Now, when it comes to learning the basics of image editing, one of the most important things to know is: How to remove background from picture?

We all have been there. There’s that perfect shot, brilliant lighting, colors, details – everything looks good. Except for the background!

So, if you’ve tried to remove background from image, but still couldn’t yield the results you expected, this guide is all you need!

Before we find out how to remove the background from a picture, let’s look at a few reasons why we even need that.

Why Remove Background From Picture?

Well, removing background from a picture helps in several ways:

1. To get rid of unwanted objects – Stray hair strands, photobombers, and other unwanted objects may ruin the entire point of an image. Removing the background, thus, brings attention to the subject and conveys your message better.

2. To add a special background – If you want to make the picture pop out with a cool background to add that unique X factor to your image, background removal becomes essential.

3. To clear the clutter – When the background is too busy or complex that it takes away the emphasis from the subject, you can remove it to make the image look less cluttered and bring the subject more in focus.

4. To make edits – One of the most common reasons for removing background from an image is to make things more polished. After all, nobody wants a dull pic to ruin their otherwise perfect message. So, remove background, throw in a stunning backdrop, use compelling text, and make all those edits you want to help your image stand out.

5. For better optimization – Selling products online has a lot to do with photography. Most e-commerce stores prefer background-free photos to depict the products better. Remember, the fewer things in an image, the more impact your product will make.

6. To add more subjects – Okay, now deviating from the above point, this one is about adding more subjects to an image. For bringing more elements, removing the background becomes crucial as it helps normalize the picture and make it appear natural without too many things going on in the background.

Remove Background from Your Image Easily

with Wave.videoTry now

Remove Background From Image: 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to image or video editing, you need ease and speed.

We get it.

That’s why, at, we help you experience effortlessness like never before. Edit, optimize, organize and publish your social media images like a pro using

All it takes is a couple of minutes and a few simple steps to remove background from the photos you upload to the’s media library. Awesome, right?

Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1 – Sign in to launch a new project

Sign in to your account and hit the “+ New Video” tab on the right, and choose “Blank video”.

Remove background from image - new video

Step 2 – Choose a format

Next, choose a format keeping in mind the platform you want to post the image on.

Pick a format before removing background from an image

Step 3 – Upload the image to remove background

Now, click on the “Upload Media” tab to upload the picture you want to remove the background from.

Remove background from image - upload media

Step 4 – Click “Remove Background”

Once you have uploaded the image and are inside the editor, click the “Remove Background” tab on the right-hand toolbar.

Remove background from image

And that’s it. The processing will begin and, in a few seconds, you’ll see your image without a background. Swish and flick!

Once the background removal is complete, you can then make edits to your image and customize it as per your requirements. From adding a brand-new background to repositioning the image and adding text, there’s a lot that can be done with

Customize image after background removal

Step 5 – Publish

Finally, click the “Publish” button and select the ‘Current frame as image’ from the drop-down. You can now save your image with a removed background.

Save image in

Make sure you save your image in PNG format and check the “Transparent background” box if you want to download the image without the background.

Download image without background

4 Essential Tips on How to Remove Background from Picture

You may be tempted to use the background removal feature as a magic wand. But, before you get on with it, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • An image with a clear subject in the foreground makes the background removal process more straightforward. You can bring the subject closer to the camera to get a clear shot or opt for a high-end camera to work the charm.
  • While you can remove background from any pic, a contrasting background will give more precise results.
  • Removing plain backgrounds is much more effective than busy backgrounds. If possible, ensure that your background isn’t too complex to avoid making the removal tricky.
  • Again, having a few subjects in the frame means easy background removal. The more people in the image, the more complicated the process gets.

Successfully Remove Background From Image

Images help you reach and engage your audience better. In addition to offering an easy and scalable way to connect with buyers at every stage of the buyer journey, there’s more that they do to build a brand.

So, go ahead and use’s efficient AI to remove background from a picture in a quick, easy and effective way.

And if you need to learn how to facilitate discussions on social with killer videos, read this guide to learn all about video editing.

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