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How Video Content Can Help You Create a Brand Voice

Brand voice and videos

If you want your business to succeed, you need to have a strong brand voice. Your brand voice reflects your brand personality. If consumers don’t know what you stand for, you can’t expect them to turn into paying customers.

Your brand voice reflects your brand personality.

The good news is, there are many tools you can use to help you create a brand voice. Video, in particular, is a great marketing channel. 

Video is such a versatile form of communication. Moreover, 69% of people prefer to watch videos when learning about a product or service. So, when you use video to create a brand voice, you’ll be able to engage with more people, too.


Data source: Weidert

That said, how exactly can you use video to create a brand voice that will cater to your target audience?

In this article, let’s look at the different ways. But first let’s answer this question: How can you develop a brand voice, in general, in the first place?

How Can You Develop a Brand Voice? 

Developing a brand voice starts with a deep analysis of your brand. You need to research your audience first.  

Think about who your brand is for and how you want them to feel when engaging with your brand.

Also, do you have any values or unique benefits that you think will make your brand stand out? To help you answer these questions and define your audience, you can create a customer persona.


Source: Launch Space

The responses you gain from this exercise will help you shape your brand identity. That, in turn, will shape your brand’s voice.

For example, if your brand is for a health-conscious audience, you’ll want to use bright images that connote good health. If you want to convey fun and joy, you should use a joyful tone of voice. 

Innocent Drinks have taken this approach. They use a tone of voice that is quirky and friendly across all their marketing. That includes web copy, social media posts, and video content. To do this, they use informal language, jokes, and personal anecdotes. Plus lots of bright and bold colors and cartoons to bring the words to life.

Source: Innocent Drinks YouTube

Once you decide on your brand voice, you need to ensure brand consistency. Think of your brand as a single entity and ensure that all communications have the same tone of voice. Brand consistency across platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Brand consistency across platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Besides, the more you use your tone of voice, the more recognizable it becomes. That is brand recognition, and it can turn into brand loyalty.

How Video Helps Create Your Brand Voice

I mentioned that video is one of the best tools for creating a brand voice as it is versatile and engaging. Versatile because there are so many different types of videos you can create.

Engaging because with them, you can give your customers a direct look into your brand. That’s something that sustains your audience’s attention. 

Source: Amazon

To get video marketing right, though, your videos need to load quickly every time. It’s also important that your site loads fast.

That’s why you need to think about your web hosting service, too. Companies like Hosting Foundry can help you find suitable hosting providers.

So, let’s go back to our original question: How exactly can you use video content to help your brand voice? Here are several ways:

1. Tap into live streaming

Live streaming is a great tool for building an authentic brand voice.

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It allows you to communicate your brand voice in real-time, so people can see that it’s not scripted and rehearsed. That gives your brand authenticity and helps you develop a deeper engagement with your audience.

Live videos give your brand authenticity and helps you develop a deeper engagement with your audience.

Live streaming is also a great way to convert video views into sales. According to a study, 75% of marketers said that Facebook Live, in particular, helped increase product purchases.

Facebook isn’t the only platform you can live stream on. You can live stream on Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo. They all have their different pros and cons, so you should do your research beforehand. With a bit of research, you will be able to find the best live streaming platform for your business goals.

But what should you live stream? You can live broadcast Q&As with your audience or discussions with other people, for example. 

Q&A live stream example

Source: Chewy Instagram

Here’s an example from Chewy, an online retailer for pet essentials. They invite vets to answer questions from their audience and live stream the event. 

2. Use the same person for your videos

The easiest way to create a consistent voice across all your videos is by using the same person in all your videos.

EE, a mobile network operator, uses this method. They have actor Kevin Bacon in all their UK video ad campaigns.

Source: EE YouTube

Having such a familiar face feature helps consumers relate to the brand. 

Think hard about who you want representing your brand. Their face, voice, and personality, in general, should come to reflect who they are as a business. 

3. Align video elements with the brand’s overall image

Make sure all your video elements align with your brand’s overall image.

The language tone used by people in your video, for instance, should reflect who you are as a brand.

The text and the color should also be consistent with your brand personality. A recent study found that key colors, in particular, can improve brand recognition by 80%. 

For example, if someone asked you to think of a drink related to the color red, what brand would you think of? The answer is likely Coca-Cola, which has successfully created a brand identity around the color.

As a result, you see that color in all its video content, too. Check out this example from Coca Cola Mexico:

Source: Coca Cola

It’s not just the color here that is aligned with Coca-Cola’s brand identity. Even the scene showing a family is reflective of what Coca-Cola stands for. Coca-Cola celebrates togetherness, and that’s what you see in this video.

4. Create varied video content

To get your audience to associate you with a specific personality type, you need to bombard them with content that consistently reflects that personality.

If you don’t vary all that content, your target audience might not even watch that next video you create.

So, create varied video content. Besides, when you have different types of video content, you’ll reach as many different people as possible. You’ll also be meeting different needs.

If you don’t vary all that content, your target audience might not even watch that next video you create.

Why not create an About Us video about your brand? Or a demo video for your products? How about animation?

Client testimonial videos are also a great idea. They give people reliable reviews of your service or products and are good at converting views into sales. 

Source: Zoom

Zoom, for instance, is a great example of a brand that uses varied video content on its website. Apart from the customer testimonial videos on its homepage, Zoom has video tutorials that cater to customers who might have a hard time using the product.

Wrapping Up

If you want your brand to succeed, you need to develop a brand voice successfully. Your brand voice reflects your brand personality. It is what you stand for.

Video is an excellent channel for creating that brand voice. Just make sure you use it the right way for it to be effective.

In this article, we discussed some tips you should follow. Leverage live streaming, use the same person for your videos and align your video elements with your brand’s image. Don’t forget to create varied content. 

Follow these, and you’ll successfully create a brand voice that embodies who you are. With brand consistency, you’ll be on your way to sustaining that brand recognition and then generating customer loyalty.

About the author:

Jayson David is the lead writer, editor, and researcher at Hosting Foundry, which helps businesses find the best web hosts for their needs. A web hosting savant, he checks and publishes all the content on the site. 

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