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How to Create a Stellar Video Presentation in 20 Minutes

People create thousands (if not millions) of presentations every day. Presentations for work, school, community… you name it. In fact, according to one source, there are 30 million PowerPoint presentations given every day. 30 million, Karl!

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Presentations are a great way not only to convey one’s message, persuade the audience to take action, or promote an idea. For marketers, it’s also a great way to repurpose content and reach new audiences.

But with so many presentations being created daily, how can one cut through the noise and get noticed?

Video presentation. It’s fresh, unique, unconventional. It grabs attention and delivers your message much faster and more effectively than a regular boring static presentation.

And today we are going to show you how to create a video presentation – fast.

Creating a Video Presentation in

Creating a video presentation is a no-brainer with I’m gonna show you my 4 favorite ways to create a presentation and turn it into video – easily.

Option #1. Zoom in/out

To start creating a video presentation using the video zoom in/out feature in, select a video/image from the stock library or upload your own.

How to create a video presentation

When you zoom out of the video, it creates a plain background that is perfect for adding text or numbers to it. Depending on the colors of the video, will also suggest the best background color that will go perfectly with the video clip. Magic!

You can move the video clip to a side to allow more space for the text. If you are adding a vertical video clip, the plain background is perfect for making your video presentation look more professional.

Use cases. This video presentation format is perfect for:

  • short demo presentations
  • presentations with a small amount of text
  • product demos
  • listicles and top N’s

Edit your videos with

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Option #2. Crop the video clip

Another way to create a stellar video presentation is to crop the original video clip in This way, the video clip becomes smaller in size, providing you with the plain background for adding text.

How to create a video presentation

This feature comes in especially handy when the video clip you selected is landscape whereas you need to crop it to square or vertical.

Option #3. Use the line delay feature

If your video presentation is more text-heavy, the line delay feature is a life saver. When you are adding several lines of text onto one video clip, this feature allows you to define how much time needs to pass before the next line appears on the screen.

How to create a video presentation

Adding a line delay will give your viewers an additional time to read all the information you have to show.

Use case: this feature is perfect for creating video presentations with lots of text. It might also be helpful for bloggers when they are creating a promo video for a blog post. 

Option #4. The power of the CTA feature

If you haven’t discovered the power of the call-to-action feature in, now is just about time. Especially since we have already covered this topic in detail.

The CTA feature is a great way to enhance your video presentation with animated graphic. Use it to add dates, stats, icons or just about anything else to your presentation.

What is your idea for the next video presentation? Share in the comments below!

How to Create a Stellar Video Presentation in 20 Minutes

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