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6 Ways to Empower Your Sales Emails with Videos for Better Conversion

Videos in sales emails

The sales process has become complex today.

Salespeople must do a host of things to attract customers who have become sophisticated and are continuously distracted by all the noise happening around them. 

To stand out in this sea of endless competition requires one to be pragmatic and avoid following industry standards blindly. One way of doing so is harnessing the power of video, which has become very instrumental in reducing conversion frictions and barriers to purchase.

Video has become very instrumental in reducing conversion frictions and barriers to purchase.

Studies show a substantial increase in the number of people watching videos, and businesses that use videos in the sales process can increase open rates by 19%

In this post, we will share ways of using videos in the sales process. But first, let’s touch on how and why use videos in the sales process.

Why use videos in the sales process?

  • Video improves retention. Customers can easily remember your brand when you reach out via video than through text. It helps you stand out and become more memorable.
  • It makes your brand more human. Video is a great avenue to use when you want to humanize your brand. It creates familiarity, making your brand look like a friend and not just any other entity figure to relate with.
  • Videos can make your product visually interesting. It makes your content easy to digest and keeps your audience engaged when seeing the value proposition of your product in action. 
  • Video helps in the decision-making process. When you produce videos that educate and inform the customers, you can build trust and credibility. This way, buyers can connect with you to make purchase decisions.

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6 ways to use videos in the sales process

The technological changes and breakthroughs have made the sales process grow immensely. But it has also added several roadblocks and conversion bottlenecks. Therefore, video is the best way to get prospects talking about your product and subscribing to it.

Here are six ways to use videos in the sales process.

1. Leverage videos for your outreach email campaigns

Cold email outreach has substantially low opening rates, with the average opening rates being 21.33%

With your face on a video, it creates some element of human connection which most prospects would look for in an outreach email. 

The low opening rates result from buyers not knowing who you are or probably your email failing to tackle the customer problem. Other times is failing to personalize your emails to look different from others in the customers’ inbox.

Adding a video to your emails can quickly increase your click-through rates by over four times. With your face on a video, it creates some element of human connection which most prospects would look for in an outreach email. 

How to share your videos in emails

A video will also pique their interest since they won’t read through a block of text. And if it is thought-provoking or answers a problem your prospect struggles with, it will automatically garner the response needed. 

2. Use videos in follow-up emails and reminders

Customers today have many options to choose from, and there’s a lot of content fighting for their attention. This means you must follow up with customers to remind them of your offers after a meeting, phone call, or purchase sign-ups. 

Using plain text will make you look like any other business or even have them confuse you with another firm.

Thus, the best way to jog their memory is with a video with points having details of what you discussed and what will happen next. 

You can also use videos to re-engage a prospect that has ghosted you. In such a video, remind them of your offers or what’s new to convince them of your value proposition.

Check out the example below from American Airlines with the CEO reminding flyers of what the company is doing to safeguard their safety during the pandemic. 

Video in email_American Airlines


3. Create a ‘sales proposal’ video

A video can help clear any confusion, prove why your product is better than competitors, or answer specific questions to the proposal that is hard to communicate through text.

Sometimes, even after engaging with the customer and proving the value of your product, the prospect may still be reluctant to move forward with the sale. Maybe they aren’t sure or are still window shopping. Or they haven’t gotten the right support from stakeholders.

A video can help clear any confusion, prove why your product is better than competitors, or answer specific questions to the proposal that is hard to communicate through text. Here, you may bring in the different teams or people involved in the sales and marketing process and convince the prospect to make a purchase. 

Here’s an example from Roadmap you may use to build on your sales proposal emails.

Video in email_Roadmap


4. Video in email can help in addressing concerns

If your product’s value proposition is hard to understand, your chance of getting the buyer to subscribe to it is limited if you only use text in communicating concepts. 

Video demonstrations with experts explaining concepts and answering questions make it easy to follow and digest, reducing friction between your prospect and salespeople. 

So, the next time you want to explain complex information to your audience, use videos to reinforce learning or help prospects convert.

For instance, in the example below, Spotify uses video email marketing in this campaign to convince designers of the power of Framer X. 

Video in email_Spotify


5. Share a post-sale ‘Thank you’ video via email 

Thank you emails sent after a customer has purchased a product has many advantages. They help build trust, improve referral, upsell or cross-sell, and upgrades. 

Rather than delivering them through written text messages, would it be better to express gratitude via video to capture all the emotion and joy that would further generate more reviews and improve credibility? 

Add an appreciation video to your thank you notes showing what you are thankful for and the impact of your supporters.

Here’s an example of an email by The Salty Donut.

Video in emails_The Salty Donut


6. Share a success story, or milestone reached

One of the best techniques in selling is showing social proof. Consumers can easily buy your product when they see others using it. While there are many ways of delivering social proof, video sticks out as the best as it captures emotions and reflections better. 

When you have a success story to tell, achievements to share, or a case study to help connect with your customers, use videos to convey your message. 

Video in email_social proof



When you send press releases, incorporate videos in them. Whether it is announcing a new win or upcoming events, you can get the mileage you need and improve traction by including videos in your press releases.

4 best practices for using videos in the sales process

  • Make it short, about 30-60 sec to easily capture the viewer’s short attention span. 
  • Take care of your settings and things like backdrop and lighting. The right settings ensure viewers aren’t distracted by what is happening in the background.
  • Personalize it to make it intriguing enough for users to click and watch. 
  • Add storytelling to build a stronger connection, convince a customer, and make them want more.


Securing new businesses is a tedious process. Thus, salespeople have devised various tricks around to ensure a sale. To win more sales, use videos in your sales process. 

Videos not only are visually appealing to prospects but also can help in sharing your value proposition in a better way than text. With videos, customers are easily reminded of your product during their decision-making process and can even refer you to other businesses.


About the author: Adela Belin is a content marketer and blogger at Writers Per Hour. She is passionate about sharing stories with the hope to make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to their personal and professional growth. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.  

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