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7 Different Ways to Use Explainer Videos That Work

Explainer videos use cases

Indeed, videos are continuously growing in popularity not because they are easy to create now, but also they allow marketers to advertise products, generate strong customer relations, maximize returns, and increase conversions. 

According to the statistics, organizations believe that video content is five times more powerful in driving search results in comparison to plain boring text. 

Video content is five times more powerful in driving search results in comparison to plain boring text.

Due to its powerful results, almost 80% of organizations are creating explainer videos to improve their marketing approach without breaking their banks. 

Well! An explainer video is a type of short online marketing video that helps organizations explain complex products in a short and engaging way.

There are approximately some things that you will see in a good explainer video, including:

  • Strong CTA
  • Short and attractive
  • Focus on solving problems
  • High-quality content 
  • Highly shareable
  • Match brand and audience  

Just because your explainer videos are highly attractive and informative doesn’t mean it will work the best. To get excellent results, it is crucial to use explainer videos in the best possible way besides creating it with high effects and efficiency.

Need not fret! By diving into this article, you will get an idea about various ways that will allow you to make the most of explainer videos.

But before we dive into the ways for using videos, let’s first know why you need an explainer video for your business. 

Why are explainer videos so powerful?

Explainer videos are considered one of the most powerful pieces of content that help capture the visitor’s attention shortly.

Explainer videos are considered one of the most powerful pieces of content that help capture the visitor’s attention shortly. Organizations are creating good and impressive videos to deliver messages in an entertaining and educational way.

Explainer videos are a good way to boost any business. Below are some of the reasons that will compel you to make a stand out explainer video.

  • Grab visitors attention
  • Highly shareable
  • Cost-effective 
  • Easy to create
  • Powerful sales tool
  • Build strong customer relations
  • Retain information for longer 
  • Explain almost everything 
  • Improves search engine optimization 
  • Reduce bounce rate 
  • Improve conversion rate 


Source: animatedvideo

Are you excited to create videos and avail such benefits? If yes, then make sure you use your fascinating explainer videos in the most efficient way. 

7 Effective ways to use explainer videos 

1. Insert videos on a landing page

The website and landing pages are great places to post explainer videos and catch the eyeballs of the visitors. A lot of companies are using videos on their landing pages to influence the visitors to stay on your website and convert them into quality leads. 

By adding explainer videos on landing pages, the organizations can easily increase the conversion rate by 80%

Make eye-catching video landing pages

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Remember, the more the conversions, the better the productivity. If you want to enhance your brand awareness and increase traffic to your website, you can have a general introductory explainer video on the website landing pages. 

If you want to enhance your brand awareness and increase traffic to your website, you can have a general introductory explainer video on the website landing pages. 

Below is one of the examples of a landing page which includes an explainer video on the top. The visitors landing on this page and watching the video through to the end will get a clear idea about the role of videos in business growth.

Within 2 minutes, the product is defined very precisely. The video catches the visitors’ attention and matches the landing page perfectly.


Video link


2. Add explainer videos in your emails 

Emails can do a lot more than sharing information to the prospects. By creating impressive emails, you can easily redirect your visitors to your website and convert them into leads. 

Sending personalized and appealing emails will not only help you sell the products but also improves the click-through rate of your emails. To make the emails more exciting and productive, you can incorporate videos into your emails. 

Sending personalized and appealing emails will not only help you sell the products but also improves the click-through rate of your emails.

Furthermore, you can also add static images to your emails with a play button. It is not only the easiest approach but also captures the visitors’ attention.

Below is one of the examples of emails which includes a static image with a play button. 


The marketers who are using videos in their email marketing campaign can experience 300% more traffic to their websites. Thus, to increase website traffic, likelihood, and business growth, you can use the word-videos in your email subject line. It will automatically shift the visitors’ focus from the content to the visual text, which will further inspire the customers to buy your product. 

Check out this video tutorial to learn how you can easily share videos in your emails.

3. Use explainer videos for an online advertising campaign

Nowadays, the demand for social media is increasing day by day. There are approximately 3.8 billion people who are actively using social media.

If you run online social advertising, you can easily grab the visitor’s attention and convert them to quality leads. So, to engage a huge amount of visitors at the right time, you can publish explainer videos over social platforms to improve your online advertising campaign and generate sales.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. will receive greater interaction and allow you to share information with a huge audience. Say if you post a video on Facebook, your followers will get instant notification on their feed, which will help you attract visitors and make them familiar with the product or service. 

If you are looking to promote a new product or share information for an updated product/service, you can always create videos and share it on social channels to increase revenue and sales.


Source: Hootsuite Instagram account

4. Incorporate explainer videos into blog posts 

Blogs also play a huge role in explaining the products and grabbing the visitor’s attention.

The longer the people stay on your website, the higher the chances to convert the visitor into a lead. To make people read your blog for longer, you can use appealing and attractive videos in your content. It will help readers better understand the concept and also improve visitors’ retention rates.

The addition of videos in blogs will allow you to break up the text and keep the readers interested. So, if you want to introduce concepts or complicated topics, then you can use explainer videos. But make sure the video you add to the blog is relevant and adds value to the text.

Now let’s take a look at an example of a blog in which an appealing and educational explainer video is added to make the text more interesting. 


Source: Blog

5. Play your explainer video at corporate events

Inspiring people to choose your products/services at a corporate event is not a cakewalk. But by playing explainer videos with subtitles and captions, you can easily make them feel how your product/services can help them hit their business goals effortlessly and without breaking the bank.

Playing impressive explainer videos on corporate events will help you build an emotional bond with the viewers and inspire them to make a purchase.

Also, to convert the visitors into leads and then to potential customers, don’t forget to include your website link. It will help the viewers directly visit your website and make an informed decision. 

6. Use explainer videos for case studies

Case studies are another effective way where you can use explainer videos to grab the visitor’s attention and convert them into leads. Case studies that include videos have more chances to be shown on the first page of Google SERP. With the help of videos, it becomes easy for potential customers to relate to the scenario and know how to use the products/services to achieve the business goals. 


Source: fortaymedia

Indeed, videos make the case study more authentic and human. Thus, you can add appealing and informative videos in your case studies to increase ranking and brand visibility. 

Below is an example of the Uber case study which incorporates an explainer video to make the content more engaging and build visitors’ trust.


Source: Webdew 

7. Leverage explainer videos for training and onboarding

Well! No one can deny the importance of training and onboarding. Excellent training will lead to long term performance and sustainability of new employees.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to retain a lot of information at a single time. As 65% of the people are visual listeners; therefore, you can easily express your ideas, internal company processes, and other information in a planned and entertaining way. Moreover, you can also use appealing explainer videos for customers’ onboarding as it will help them better understand the concepts.

Marketers are using videos to explain complex products more easily and in an interesting way. Around 8 out of 10 people believe that videos help them better understand the concept and make the right decision. Therefore, to better conversations and increase sales, you can always use productive and appealing videos. Such videos will not only help you nail down a really complicated topic but also fill in the blanks of the viewer’s knowledge. 

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In a Crux

Explainer videos are almost everywhere on the Internet. Organizations are creating explainer videos for various purposes such as

  • attract visitors,
  • convert prospects,
  • explain concepts,
  • increase brand awareness,
  • generate revenue, etc.

Well! Creating excellent explainer videos is one thing but using it in the right way is another. 

I hope the examples posted above will help you know different ways in which explainer videos can be used effectively. Now, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks, and get ready to make your video marketing campaign highly productive by using it in the right way. 

Still, having second thoughts? Feel free to share your doubt in the comment section below. Also, if you find this article interesting and useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and teammates. 

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