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How to Make a Stunning Cover Slideshow for Your Facebook Page

Is your Facebook brand kit on point?

Because Facebook isn’t just a place to interact with friends and family. If used right, it can be a visibility booster for your brand. And that’s why everything should be on your radar, from your Facebook page’s description to visuals.

If you’re wondering how to make Facebook Cover Slideshow, keep reading. In this post, we’ll teach you how to elevate your Facebook page’s appearance while strengthening your brand’s visibility through Facebook Slideshow.

Facebook Cover Slideshow

What is a Facebook Cover Slideshow?

Visuals create a significant impact on your target audience. When people can see your products’ look and identify your brand amongst the sea of competitors, they can relate to you better. While Facebook gives plenty of opportunities to capitalize on visuals, its Cover Slideshow is a terrific way to share your brand’s pictures unconventionally.

With Facebook Cover Slideshow, you can share a slideshow of your business photos and catch viewers’ attention while familiarizing them with your brand. It eliminates the need to swipe through different cover images. Instead, it lets viewers automatically go through a series of cover photos on your business page. Think of it as a fantastic opportunity to engage your Facebook page visitors.

How to make Facebook Cover Slideshow?

Creating a Facebook Cover Slideshow is amazingly simple. It’s as easy as adding a cover photo. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Page

Log in to your Facebook account and go to your Facebook page.

Step 2: Click “Edit”

Next, click “Edit” on your cover photo and select “Create slideshow” from the drop-down.

Create slideshow

Step 3: Upload photos

Now, click the plus icon and select “Choose from photos” if you want to create a Facebook Cover Slideshow from the photos your page has already posted.

You can click “Upload photo” to add new images to the slideshow.

Upload photos

Step 4: Save your Facebook Cover Slideshow

Once you have added the photos, click “Save changes” to save the slideshow and preview it.

Save changes

Note: You can’t rearrange the order of your photos after saving the slideshow. So, upload the pictures in the exact order you want them to appear on your Facebook Cover Slideshow.

Facebook Cover Slideshow Best Practices

  • Make the right selection: As you can add up to five photos to your Facebook Cover Slideshow, making the right selection is essential. Avoid putting pictures that don’t engage your viewers. Instead, choose the ones sure to attract the visitors and compel them to take action.
  • The first photo should be the best: Adding on to the abovementioned point — while picking the pictures, pay special attention to the first photo. Remember, the first photo can make a massive difference in the way viewers perceive your brand. It’s the first impression that counts the most. If your first pic isn’t eye-catching, viewers won’t spend more time on the rest of the slideshow.
  • Mind the dimensions: When uploading the photographs, make sure they fulfill Facebook’s dimension criteria. All the photos must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.
  • Pep it up with templates: Go beyond the ordinary with templates. Bear in mind that you only have a few seconds to make an impact with your Facebook Cover Slideshow. So, why waste the chance? Instead, use’s easy-to-customize and free Facebook cover templates to create incredible images for your Facebook page in a couple of minutes.

 9 Facebook Cover Slideshow Ideas

1. Foster your brand identity

Fans seek interactions with their favorite brands and expect them to communicate their goals. Facebook Slideshow gives you a superb tool to foster your brand identity. Share your company’s mission, vision, and values to help your viewers understand what you stand for and gain their trust.

Pro tip: You can use’s free stock images as a background to share your mission and vision statements with a unique twist.

2. Promote your products/services

Users asking questions about a popular product or service? You can always add images depicting your products or teach your audience about using a product correctly through graphic tutorials. Create a Facebook Slideshow to educate, inform your audience, and promote your offerings.

3. Publish on-trend images

With trends regularly coming to Facebook users’ feeds, you can cut through the noise and add images on a trend circling your industry. Tell your followers how your brand stays on top of the latest trends. Apart from helping you become a part of the conversation, it adds to your credibility. Net result: an influential brand and well-informed followers.

4. Inform about upcoming events

Do you have an upcoming product launch planned? What better way to tell the world about it than using Facebook Slideshow? Give your audience a sneak peek into the upcoming event through product shots, behind-the-scenes images, and more.

5. Showcase your work

Facebook Cover Slideshow offers an excellent way to showcase your work. Add user-generated content to images of your work and let people know how proud you’re of your community. You can also share client success stories to present the good ol’ testimonials in a quirky way and clue your audience in on user social proof.

6. Introduce your team

Your loyal followers would love to know about people behind the scenes. Make them acquainted with your staff by introducing your team members through Facebook Slideshow. You can highlight an individual for achievement or bring an entire team to the slideshow. Tell your fans about each team member’s job profile and interests to form a lasting, personal connection.

7. Share a story

Sharing a compelling story is a terrific idea to generate interest in your brand. Tell a story through your Facebook Slideshow. It could be your brand journey, a motivational story, or an educational one – regardless, it should drive engagement. You can also invite people to share their stories and further the engagement.

8. Inspire with quotes

Inspire your fans by posting some words of wisdom on your Facebook Cover Slideshow. Be it something your brand’s CEO said or quotes from famous people in history, use them to motivate people and inspire action.

9. Share industry breakthroughs

Your industry just witnessed a breakthrough? Let your followers know your stance on it using the slideshow. You can also give shoutouts to sponsors or partners and tell your community how brand support is a real thing. It’s a great way to create buzz and interest while building your industry authority.

Make a Unique Facebook Cover with

If you don’t feel creative enough or don’t know what to start with, check out Facebook cover templates. Go to the templates section of the site, use it either to get some inspiration or modify it and use it on your Facebook Page. Facebook cover templates are free to all registered members.

Step 1. On the top of the website click on the Templates. It forwards you to the templates section of the site.

main page way to facebook cover templates

Step 2. Hover the mouse over Image Templates. It is a new section full of great solutions for thumbnails, lower thirds, memes, Facebook covers, and quotes. Now you should click on the Facebook Cover.

choose facebook cover templates from new section Image templates

Step 3. Here you are! The list of free Facebook cover templates constantly updates with new ideas and solutions for you to use.

list of free facebook cover templates


FAQs on Facebook Slideshow

Can I remove a photo from the slideshow?

Yes. You can easily remove a photo by clicking the pen icon in the top right of the photo thumbnail and then choosing “Remove” from the options.

How can I reposition a photo in my slideshow?

To reposition a photo, click it and then drag to reposition. Once done, hit the “Save Changes” tab.

How to remove the entire Facebook Cover Slideshow?

To remove your Facebook Page’s Slideshow, go to the page and click “Edit” in the bottom right of the cover pic, then select “Remove” from the drop-down. Finally, click “Confirm”.

Can Facebook choose photos for my slideshow?

Yes, you can let Facebook choose photos that your page has already posted. To use this feature, click “Edit” in the bottom right of the cover photo and select “Edit slideshow”. Then, toggle on the “Let Facebook choose photos” feature and click “Save changes”.

Can I use to create a Facebook cover?

Yes, of course! You can either express your creativity to the fullest and create it from scratch or use one of our templates to make a nice-looking cover for your Facebook page.

A unique Facebook cover

It's a snap with templatesTry it now!

The Takeaway

Creators, brands, and businesses shouldn’t live in a bubble when it comes to their Facebook branding. A cover slideshow can help them engage visitors and grow their accounts.

Now that you have learned how to make a slideshow on Facebook, jazz up your Facebook Page with it and leave an impact through visuals as you connect with your fans on Facebook.

Another excellent way to engage your Facebook followers is to go live on the platform. Check out this handy guide if you’re wondering how to make the most of Facebook Live. 

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