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How to Add Shopify Product Videos to Increase Sales: Tips, Examples, and Best Practices

How to Add Shopify Product Videos to Increase Sales

The universal goal of every Shopify store is to increase conversions. But capturing the audience’s attention is a real struggle. For instance, if you are using Shopify print on demand business model, you might find yourself struggling to stand out with the standard mockups provided by your print-on-demand partner. However, adding a unique video will certainly gain more attention and make you stand out among competitors.

While product photos work great at giving your target customers a good view, videos have a greater impact. It’s impossible to look past a compelling product video. This is why you must add video on Shopify product page.

Apart from explaining product features in detail, videos also help drive traffic to your Shopify store.

Let’s find out more about Shopify product videos and realize their incredible power to increase conversions.

What is a Product Video?

A product video is the one that goes on a product page on an e-commerce store. It usually accompanies the product description and images and explains a product’s benefits.

While most product videos center around the product’s unique features, some Shopify storefronts are changing the game with product videos that do more than that. From helping customers install a product to showcasing user-generated content, brands are experimenting with their product videos to beat the competition. And, so should you.

Why use a Shopify product video, anyway?

Uhm, it’s fair to ask.

As a Shopify store owner or marketer, you may be keen to analyze if videos are worth the time and effort. Well, adding video on your Shopify product page can benefit you in more than one way.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to include product videos in your Shopify storefront marketing mix:

  • Product videos make it easier to explain your product

Okay, let’s state the obvious here. Videos work great at representing a product as virtual demonstrations take away the guesswork. And, unlike photos, they leave little to the audience’s imagination. A well-made video can also strike an emotional chord with your customers, helping them understand what to expect from the product. 

  • Videos let you receive some much-coveted Google-love

Google loves interesting content. And product videos are interesting. Plus, Google favors video content. So, if you want your Shopify e-commerce site to rank better than the competitors, including videos is an excellent way.

  • Videos are more sharable and viral-worthy

Take a quick look at some popular social media platforms and see what content type has been shared the most. Video, right? Well, that’s the power of videos. Apart from being more sharable than text pages, they are more shareable than images too. Want your products to be viral on social? Try product videos!

  • Videos keep the page visitors hooked

According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2021 report, 83% of video marketers believe video increased their visitors’ average time on page. And the more time your visitors spend on your product page, the higher are the chances of converting them.

  • Videos get more clicks

A lengthy blog vs. an engaging video – which one do you think will get more clicks? Besides gathering more clicks by creating visual interest, videos also consume less time to obtain information.

  • Ultimately, videos sell more

It all adds up to the fact that product videos have the power to sell more. Don’t believe us? Take it from 84% of people who feel they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. By making your customers understand the product better, videos generate more revenue. And which business wouldn’t love that?

Create Effective Product Videos in Minutes

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How to Add a Shopify Product Video

While adding a video to your Shopify site may vary depending on the theme, the basic premise remains the same. Here are the steps to add video on Shopify product page:

Step 1 – Go to your Shopify admin dashboard

Step 2 – Click on “Products”

Step 3 – Select a product to open its details page

Step 4 – Now, add a video to the selected product by following one of the below-mentioned ways:

  • Click “Add media” and then choose the video that you want to upload
  • Drag and drop the video onto the Media section
  • Click “Add media from URL”, and select “Embed video” to add a video embed code for a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo

Note: If you’re uploading the video that’s not embedded, make sure it’s in the MP4 format and less than 20MB. If it’s larger than 20MB, you’ll have to embed it.

7 Types of Shopify Product Videos with Examples

We may be a bit partial when it comes to mentioning how every e-commerce product needs video. But, hey, you don’t have to take it as read. Many companies have been implementing product videos into their e-commerce sites, and we’re ready to help you know the score.

There are several ways to make the most of Shopify product image videos. Below we share seven of them with some pretty impressive examples:

1. The Product Features Video

Have an excellent product? Flaunt it! Telling your potential customers the USP of your product helps improve average eCommerce conversion rates.

Check out how the Shopify store Ratio promotes the brand’s high-end coffee machines with product videos that are stunning yet enlightening.

2. The Instructional Video

Contrary to popular belief, how-to videos and tutorials aren’t only a prerequisite for complex products. Beauty, retail, and even pharmaceutical brands can benefit from instructional videos. But what makes these videos different from the product features videos?

Well, unlike their earlier-mentioned sibling, instructional videos show the products in action. Every product is designed with a goal. An instructional video tells you how to achieve that goal.

Then I Met You, a skincare brand, perfectly uses product videos to show its products in action.

3. The Close-Up Video

No Shopify store can ever go wrong with a close-up product video. Give a closer, detailed look at your product to tell your audience what’s special about it.

For example, Allbirds displays its running shoes with close-up shots that subtly highlight the shoes’ details and features. Check this one for inspiration.

Allbirds using the close-up Shopify product video

4. The Product Assembly Video

Alright, so this is a must-have for Shopify storefronts selling furniture or other products that require self-assembly/installation. A big-picture goal of using this video type is to make it easier for customers to setup the product – greasing the wheels for purchase.

Hem’s video on assembling their Palo Sofa is a perfect example of an installation video.

5. The Product Story Video

What differentiates a product that resonates with its customers and one that doesn’t? It’s the story. So, if you want to build a narrative with a product or tell its history, then the product story video is your best bet.

Need to put some pep in your step? Check how Manitobah Mukluks’ Storyboots wonderfully tells a story through a video on the brand’s product page.

6. The Behind-The-Scenes Video

If the product story video focuses on the motive, the behind-the-scenes video focuses on the process. This format is all about showing how the product is created. It works great when you want your audience to understand what all goes behind bringing the feature-rich end product.

With its behind-the-scene videos, Shwood shows why its eyewear is a result of unique techniques that are revolutionizing the industry.

7. The Review Video

One of the reasons why videos click with viewers is that they build trust and credibility. And what better way to build credibility than having a product review video on your Shopify store. Capitalize the power of user-generated content by asking your customers to leave reviews on the product page. It will help your potential buyers learn from other experiences and make a well-informed purchase decision.

Made In Cookware has brilliantly added this video type into the mix. Take a look at this customer review video on their Blue Carbon Steel Sets page.

Shopify Product Video: Best Practices

To make your product more relatable through your Shopify product videos, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Capture it right: When it comes to promoting your product, ensure every angle is captured rightly during the video production.
  • Choose a video editing tool: Use a video editing tool like to make your Shopify video creation a cinch with pre-designed and editable product video templates.
  • Keep it short: A good Shopify product video should ideally be 1-2 minutes long. Anything less than that may not convey your message well. And anything longer than this would possibly fail at holding your viewers’ attention.
  • Don’t stick to the product page: Take your videos beyond the product pages. Post them to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also embed your product videos into emails and expand their reach.
  • Track performance: No metric of your video strategy is ever complete without analyzing results. And Shopify product videos are no exception. Track their performance and optimize your Shopify store accordingly.

Show ’em what you’ve got!

Marketing products is as difficult as creating the right ones. Show the world how your products stand out from the rest with engaging Shopify product videos. Explore to know how you can create a fun yet compelling product video in a few minutes and beef up your product sales.

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