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How to Make a Live Stream Starting Soon Screen [+Free Templates]

Adding some gorgeous custom overlays to your live broadcast can make it fun, engaging and augment your branding. But how to navigate the stream design process – especially the live streaming starting soon design – if you have no designing skills?

Answer: By using’s Live Stream Overlay Maker.

live streaming soon screen

This guide will help you learn what is a live stream starting soon overlay and how to make it effortlessly, along with some free templates from

Let’s dive right into the world of overlays!

What is a Live Stream Starting Soon Overlay?

Stream overlay is the visuals, graphics, etc. that live streamers add to their streams to enhance the broadcasts’ overall appearance and make them look cool. These can be static or animated, and you can place them anywhere during your stream.

Starting soon overlay helps hook your audience prior to the broadcast by triggering the FOMO.

However, when you add overlays at the beginning of the screen to inform your viewers that it’s going to start soon, it’s a live stream starting soon overlay. So, this particular graphic helps hook your audience prior to the broadcast by triggering the FOMO.

Why Create a Custom Starting Soon Screen for your Live Stream

While most live stream viewers are aware of a starting soon screen, they might not know why it is essential. Here are some key points to help you dive deeper into the world of custom stream starting soon screens and learn why to focus on them and level up your production efforts.

To promote your live broadcast

A starting soon screen gives you enough time to share the link to your live stream with your followers on different social media channels, pages, or with your friends and families. This way, you’ll ensure that they don’t miss your live stream while helping you reach a bigger audience and attract more views.

To build anticipation for the live stream

Using a waiting screen like a starting soon screen helps build anticipation for the live stream, especially when you have a loyal fanbase. It’s also helpful to inform viewers that the stream is starting soon, and they don’t have to second-guess your presence.

To improve brand recognition

A stream starting soon overlay gives you a holding page to promote your brand. Apart from sharing links to your website, blog, and other social channels, inform your viewers about any upcoming events and share details on where they can buy your merch. Using your brand elements like logo, colors, and fonts works to foster brand recognition and make viewers feel like they’re part of your target audience.

To increase visual consistency

As you engage with your audience through a starting soon screen, it not only improves the appearance of your broadcast but also keeps it visually consistent – from start to finish.  

To prepare the viewers 

“Hey, be quick. The video is going to start!” Whether shared with a best friend or one’s self, it’s a statement we’ve all said or heard. People love to prepare for anything worth watching, and giving them some time to get ready for your live stream is a fantastic engagement trick. As they get their drinks, snacks, etc., before the live stream begins, you can rest assured that they will be there with their full attention as you go live.

Create Starting Soon Screens for Live Streams

with Wave.videoTry now

How to Make a Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Step 1: Log in and select a template

Log into and go to “My videos”. Click “Create” and then “Templates” to use one of our professionally designed starting soon screen templates.


Step 2: Browse starting soon screen templates

On the free video templates, hover on “Live Streaming” and select “Starting Soon Screen”.

Free video templates

Step 3: Choose a template

Now, scroll through the templates to pick the one that suits your preferences.

Live streaming starting soon

Once you have found the right one, click it and then hit the “Edit Template” tab to create your overlay.

Edit template

Step 4: Edit the template to make it yours

Finally, make edits to the template by adding text, logo, and other branding elements that you want to include in your custom stream starting soon overlay.

Step 5: Publish

Once you’ve added your magic touch to one of our professionally-designed templates, click “Publish”.


Then, choose “Video” as the publish option and hit the “Render” button on the next page.

Step 6: Go live with your starting soon overlay

You are now all set to send your stream starting soon overlay straight to the Livestreaming Studio and go live using the live streaming app!

Alternatively, you can download the video, re-render it in another quality or send it to iPhone. You can also publish it directly to any of the social sites available.

Send video to live streaming studio

8 Surprisingly Free Custom Stream Starting Soon Templates

Now that you know how to hook your live stream viewers from the get-go with an interesting starting soon screen, take inspiration from some of our most fantastic starting soon screen templates:

1. Give Holiday Broadcasts A Beautiful Start

Build anticipation for your holiday-themed broadcasts along with jazzing it up with this layout that’s perfect for a beautiful start.

Customize this template

2. Get That Old Hollywood Vibe

Who doesn’t love that old Hollywood vibe? Bring it to your live streams with this gorgeously classic template.

Customize this template

3. Dominate Your LinkedIn Live Sessions

Do you find it challenging to keep LinkedIn users hooked to the screen as your live stream starts? Try this professional-looking template and keep your attendees glued.

Customize this template

4. Show Some Nation Love

Love the USA? Here’s a stunning template you got to try for that perfect country-love mood.

Customize this template

5. Spread Cheer With Color Bars

Wow your early attendees with bright and beautiful colors and spread cheer to each one of them with this awesome template.

Customize this template

6. Bring Nature To Your Broadcasts

Create a positive first impression on nature lovers with this green-themed starting soon screen template.

Customize this template

7. Go Old-School With Black & White

Looking for a classy and evergreen template? Welcome your live viewers with this minimalist yet aesthetically-rich design.

Customize this template

8. Sprinkle That Stardust

Begin your live stream on a spiritual note with this subtle layout, best suited for those mindful live sessions.

Customize this template

Ready to start your live stream soon?

Don’t let your lack of designing ability stop you from creating fantastic live streams. Polish your creativity with’s editable live streaming templates. Explore or start from scratch using our vast library of images, videos, icons, fonts, and more.

To learn more on how to amp up your live streams with the latest industry trends, check out our guide on Live Video Trends and Best Practices for Businesses in 2022!

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