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How to Make an Attention-Grabbing Lyric Video: 3 Easy Ways

How to Make an Attention-Grabbing Lyric Video - 3 Easy Ways

For some artists and music brands, video marketing is all about trying new things. If your brand falls into that category, try a lyric video. It’s a great way to connect to your audience on a broader level. After all, there’s hardly any music lover who hasn’t ever looked up their favorite song’s lyrics.

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So, if your fans are looking for your songs’ lyrics, why not make it more fun and easier for them to find that as they groove to your beats? Plus, there are many benefits of a lyric video. But before we get to those and before we tell you how to make a lyric video, first let’s understand what is a lyric video anyway.

What is a Lyric Video?

As you would have guessed from its name, a lyric video is the one that displays the lyrics to a song with the song playing in the background. Don’t confuse it with a karaoke video, though. A lyric video is much more artistic and tests your creativity at another level.

Why make a Lyric Video?

There are various reasons why a lyric video is an excellent choice for you. Check some of them below.

  • Accuracy: A lyric video will help your fans know the song’s exact words, rather than fetching inaccurate lyrics from other sources.
  • Easy-to-create: Creating lyric videos isn’t a tricky affair. You can make one in a few simple steps and share your song across social. Apart from being simple, it’s time-saving too.
  • Cost-effective: Creating a lyric video is economical. You don’t have to break the bank to make a full-fledged music video. Moreover, with, you can make your lyric videos for free! And awesomeness guaranteed.
  • Pre-release marketing: Imagine making your song viral even before an official video goes out. With a lyric video, it’s possible.
  • Storytelling: With animation, lyric videos can help you tell a story with your song. How? Some of the examples shared later in this post will let you find that out.

How To Make A Lyric Video In 3 Easy Ways

1. Use an Online Video Editor

One of the easiest ways to make a fantastic lyric video is to use an online video editor like A preferred choice of both beginner and pro editors, our tool helps you create a professional-looking lyric video in a short time.

Let’s begin the process.

Step 1 – Sign in and hover to “+ New Video”

Sign in to your account and hover the mouse to the “+ New Video” tab.

Create a lyric video using

Step 2 – Create your video

Upload your video, choose from our stock library, use a blank video or pick a lyric music video template.

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Step 3 – Upload your song

As you edit your video, go to “Audio” to add your song. Click on “Uploads” and drop your files to upload.

Add music to your lyric video

Step 4 – Add lyrics

Next, click on “Captions” and add your song’s lyrics on the right.

Add captions to your lyric video

You can also edit the style of the text to suit the theme of your video.

Stylize your lyrics

Step 5 – Edit the video

Now, show your creativity by making edits, and that’s it! Your lyric video is ready to be published now.

Edit your lyric video

Step 6 – Publish

Hit publish and render to download, share directly on social media, embed on a website, or get a white label link.

Publish your lyric video

It’s quick, simple, and splendid.

Create awe-inspiring lyric videos easily

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2. Hire a Lyrics Video Freelancer

Although this option may not be as cost-effective as using an online video editor, you can always hire an expert to make a professional-looking lyric video. Explore talent portals like Upwork or Fiverr to find the right fit.

Hire lyric video pros at Upwork

3. Use Video Editing Software

Want to become an expert rather than hiring one? Use video editing software to make a lyric video. Here’s how you can create a cool lyric video using Window Movie Maker and iMovie.

Creating a lyric video with Windows Movie Maker

Step 1 – If you haven’t already, then download Windows Movie Maker and launch it.

Step 2 – Click “Title” in the “Home” tab and add a video title.

Step 3 – Add a background by clicking on “Add videos and photos”.

Step 4 – Next, click the “Add music” tab to upload your song.

Step 5 – Now add lyrics by hitting the “Caption” tab. But don’t forget to synchronize your captions to your song lyrics by adjusting the lyrics’ start time.

Step 6 – Set the lyric slide’s duration by clicking the “Duration” text box and entering the time you want the slide to be displayed for.

Step 7 – Add the entire lyrics by repeating this process: Home > Title > Lyrics > Duration

Step 8 – Add transitions by going to the “Visual Effects” tab and choosing an effect based on your theme and color scheme.

Step 9 – Next, click on the “Add Animation” tab to make your lyric video complete.

Step 10 – Finally, save or publish your lyric video by going to the “File” tab and choosing “Publish movie” or “Save movie”.

Creating a lyric video with iMovie

Step 1 – Open iMovie and click on the “+” icon to start your lyric video.

Step 2 – Pick a background or search for something specific in the search bar at the top-right to filter the results.

Step 3 – Click “Create” and save your lyric video with your desired name.

Step 4 – Next, add your song by hitting the “Audio” tab.

Step 5 – Now start adding titles by clicking and dragging the song title onto the timeline and typing there.

Step 6 – Keep adding more title slides and sync the lyrics to the audio.

Step 7 – Once done, click the “Export” icon at the top-right.

Step 8 – Choose “File” from the available options and click “Next” in the pop-up to finally “Save” your lyric video.

Lyric Video Examples for Inspiration

Want to create lyric videos that are binge-worthy? Here are a few must-see examples.

“Don’t Stop” by 5 Seconds of Summer

Let’s start with this lyric video picturing the band members as superheroes. With beautiful animation and powerful text, it ticks all the boxes of a compelling lyric music video.

“The Man” by Taylor Swift

If you want to learn the ropes of creating effective lyric videos, look at Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel. It’s loaded with stunning examples. And “The Man” is no exception. From the font style to the text placement, everything goes perfectly with the story that’s being told with the lyrics. And those capital letters work well to stop scrollers in their tracks, don’t they?

“Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake featuring Jay Z

In case you missed it, this lyric video by Justin Timberlake tells us exactly how a lyric video should be. With those subtly played text and animation on a black & white background, this one offers great inspiration to the minimalist video makers out there.

“Atlas” by The Crxssing

Talking of minimalism, Atlas proves the firepower of a lyric music video as simple and enigmatic as this one. No busy backdrop. No bold text. It’s all about less-polished work that resonates with the viewers.

“Problem” by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea

Even though “Problem” has lyrics sprawling across the leading ladies’ faces, this is one lyric video that got people talking. It shines due to its black and white backdrop and those fabulous texts. All in all, the creativity here sure helps pique viewers’ interest. Go, check it out:

Tips on Making a Lyric Video

For those of us who aren’t content with just the basics, here’s the secret sauce. Learn about how to effectively serve your fans with lyric music videos that encourage engagement with these simple yet extremely useful tips:

  • Ensure 100% accuracy: The last thing your viewers want is to read the wrong lyrics on your lyric video. So, ensure 100% accuracy as you add them to your video. Double or triple check every word to leave no scope for incorrect subtitles or typos.
  • Choose a theme: Noticed how most of the examples shared above had a central theme? Well, it works magic. Pick a theme and make sure that your creation is weaved around it for an engaging video.
  • Go for a color scheme: A staple of any interesting lyric video, the color scheme helps wonderfully elevate its visual appeal.
  • Use filters: You may want to skip those filters and keep it raw, but the right one can significantly level up your lyric music video. Experiment, use different filters and find the right one that matches your lyric video’s color scheme. You’ll love the results.
  • Make transitions look natural: Alright, so transitions may look appealing. But don’t bombard your videos with too many of them. Let each storyboard flow naturally with proper starts and ends.
  • Aim for the highest quality audio: One of the must-haves for a killing lyric video is high-quality audio. So, if possible, aim for the highest quality of your song to impress your fans.
  • Fonts, fonts, fonts: A lyric video is all about interesting fonts. Use them wisely. Ensure that they are legible and in sync with the overall vibe of the video and, of course, the song.
  • Mind the pace: The pace of your text appearing on the screen should match the audio. If you need, use slow pans and cuts. But the outcome should be an eye-popping lyric video.

All set to create your next lyric video?

We hope this guide would have helped you learn the essentials of a top-tier lyric music video. Now that you have learned how to make a lyric video, go ahead and give’s straightforward video editor a try. Also, if you’re wondering how to add music to a video for free – is here to help you out!

And hey, we are also a preferred choice for creating effective video intros and outros. Refresh your video marketing strategy with our fun-filled templates. And let us know what do you love the most about our platform.

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