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How To Screen Record On All Devices: Step-by-Step Instructions

How To Screen Record On All Devices

While most of us are familiar with screenshots, how many know how to record video on a computer or phone screen?

You may need to capture your screen for work or a school presentation, or record a tutorial for your YouTube channel. Be it Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android, we’ve got you covered.

Find out how to screen record on all devices by following our simple step-by-step instructions down below.

How To Record Your Screen

Before we dive into how to let’s start with a few questions.

What is screen recording?
Simply put, it refers to digitally recording anything that is happening on your phone or computer screen, often containing audio narration.

What are screen recordings used for?
There are a number of use cases for screen recordings, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Tutorials: Let’s face it. Tech is getting complicated these days. But screen recordings can simplify even the most complex of tasks (such as configuring a WordPress installation).
  • Customer support: You can use screen recordings to make it easier for tech support to help troubleshoot a problem for you if screenshots don’t suffice.
  • Recreation: If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might be interested in screen recording your games and sharing your clips on YouTube or Twitch.

How do you choose screen recording software?

You can choose between an inbuilt screen-recording solution, or if you prefer more flexibility, download a screen recording software on your device. 

Apart from recording what’s happening on the screen, most screen recorders can also record audio. You can also choose between saving the capture to your device or the cloud.

Some screen recorders such as StoryXpress Recorder and Vidyard even allow you to record your screen and webcam simultaneously.

How To Screen Record on a Mac

If you are using a Mac device with macOS Mojave or later, there’s an inbuilt screen recording solution you can use. The best part, you only need to press a hotkey.

Native Screen Recording

How To Screen Record On All Devices Mac

  1. Open the app or window you want to capture.
  2. Press Shift+Command+5 to open the system’s screen capture tool.
  3. Select between recording the entire screen, a window, or a selection.
  4. Click stop to end the recording.
  5. Your video will appear as a thumbnail on the bottom right of your screen. Click on it and select where to save the video.

QuickTime Screen Recording

How To Screen Record On All Devices - quick time

If you’re not using macOS Mojave or later, you can use QuickTime, which is available on all Macs.

  1. Open QuickTime Player.
  2. Press File > New Screen Recording.
  3. Press on record to start capturing.
  4. Press record again to stop the capturing.
  5. Click File > Save.

N/B – To capture a screenshot on a Mac, press Command + Shift + 4, then select the area you want to capture.

How To Screen Record on an iPhone

How To Screen Record On All Devices Iphone

Screen recording is built into iPhones but to use it, you will have to activate it first.

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Click on the + beside screen recording.
  2. Open up the app or website you want to record.
  3. Swipe up for the Control Center menu (iPhone 8 or earlier) or swipe down from the top right corner of the screen (iPhone X or later)
  4. Tap the crescent moon button to turn on Do Not Disturb. This is important because when recording, you’ll capture everything that shows up on the screen, including notifications.
  5. Click on the screen record button to start recording.
  6. You can now record the video and audio of whatever is on your screen. To also record external audio (your voice), you’ll have to turn on your microphone.
  7. Press Stop to stop recording.
  8. You can find the video in the Photos app.

N/B – To capture a screenshot on an iPhone, hold the home button, then press the power button on the side. If you’re using an iPhone X or later, press the lock and volume up buttons simultaneously.

How To Screen Record on Windows

While screen recording is an inbuilt feature in Macs, the same is not the case for Windows PCs. The simplest way to record your Windows screen is by using PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Screen Recording 

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Press Insert > Screen Recording.
  3. Choose the area you want to record. To record the whole screen, press Windows + Shift + F.
  4. To start recording, press the record button, or press Windows + Shift + R.
  5. To end the recording, click stop.
  6. After recording, you’ll be able to save the recording as a video file, separate from your PowerPoint presentation.

How To Screen Record On All Devices PowerPoint

Screen Recording Windows 10

Windows devices come preloaded with the Xbox Game Bar specifically for recording games but, you can still use it for other purposes.

  1. Open the game, program, or website you want to record.
  2. Click on the Windows search bar and type ‘’Xbox’’ then Enter. Alternatively, press Windows + G on your keyboard.
  3. Click Yes, this is a game.
  4. To start recording, press record or Windows + Alt + R.
  5. To end the recording, press Stop.

How To Screen Record On All Devices Windows

How To Screen Record on an Android

While smartphones equipped with Android 11 or higher come with a ready to use recording solution, you’ll need to do some digging to enable it on older android devices. 

How To Screen Record On All Devices Android

Screen Recording on Android 11+

With Android 11 or higher, screen recording is easier than ever. Just follow the steps below;

  1. Navigate to quick settings. Alternatively, search for Screen Recorder.
  2. Click on the app to open it.
  3. Configure your video and audio quality settings, then click done.
  4. If it’s your first time using the screen recorder, the app will ask you for permission to access your device. You’ll then choose your sound settings. 
  5. Click on Start Recording.
  6. Press the Stop Recording button. 
  7. Find your recording in your phone Gallery.

N/B – To take a screenshot on your android device, press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously. 

Screen Recording on Older Android Versions

Screen recording in pre-Android 11 devices is still possible, but you’ll have to follow the following steps.

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone. Locate the Build Number and tap on it seven times. A message saying “You’re now a developer” will pop up on the screen.
  2. Now go to Settings > Advanced > Developer Options > Feature Flags.
  3. Switch on settings_screenrecord_long_press.
  4. Long press the screenshot menu until a popup menu appears.
  5. Tap on Start Recording, then Start now.
  6. After recording, tap stop.
  7. Find the video in your gallery.

To make your videos even more compelling, have a look at the best video thumbnail creators.

How Screen Recordings Can Be Used

Video content (especially for technical tasks such as website setup) is often much easier to consume than static, written content. Below are some of the more common uses for screen recordings.

Technical tutorials

If you are interested in explaining something complicated to your audience, but just find writing and screenshotting too tedious, you could just record a video and explain it. People retain up to 95% of the information they learn from videos. They only retain about 10% of what they learn from text. You can provide real value through video content and develop a stronger relationship with your audience at the same time. 

Learn how to create a how-to video here.

Getting support on software

We all know how annoying it can be when software just doesn’t work as it should – but sometimes explaining how it is wrong is difficult with just words. Enter screen recording. Recording the error will help technical support troubleshoot the issue by providing a clear picture of the problem. It is also much easier to just record your screen than to type up a long support ticket that may not even get the message across.

Demos of your software product (if you are an entrepreneur)

If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business beyond just a side hustle, making a video demo of your product in action is one of the best ways to communicate its value. The best combination is to include both a screen recording of how your software functions and a high-level value proposition in your marketing video.  Be sure to edit your video and add a killer intro to hook your audience.

Consider adding captions to your video as well. You’d be surprised at just how many people watch videos without sound, especially in public areas.

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