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What’s New in Smart Text Resize

In today’s digital world where up to 85% of videos on social are watched with the sound off, adding text to your videos is a necessity, not an option. Here’s a update that will make it oh so much easier.

Smart text resize.

What is the new smart text resize?

All users can add text to their videos. In fact, it’s one of the features that allow you to make your video more engaging and effective marketing-wise.

Add text to video

In addition to that, by adding text to your videos, you make them more accessible to people all over the world. There are 350 million people worldwide who have troubles hearing.  Accompanying your videos with text makes your content more inclusive.

As a cherry on top: text on video increases watch time by as much as 40%. Text in your videos keeps people engaged longer, so they watch the video longer.

At, we recognize the importance of text on videos. The text editor is one of the powerful features that help you to make your videos look just the way you want them. With options like free text positioning, text animations, and brand manager, adding text to videos is easy and efficient.

The smart text resize, the newest addition to the text editor kit, opens up yet even more design opportunities for your videos. Now you can change the size of the frame your text is in, just like that:

How to use the new text resize?

To resize the text, select the text box on the canvas and click the small bar on either side, then drag to the side.

text resize

Similarly, if you align the text to the left, right, or center, it will keep its position when you resize the text.

In this example, notice how the text background adjusts accordingly.

How is it helpful?

The new smart text resize feature makes it much easier to work with text on your videos. In the past, video creators had to control the width of the text box manually. With this update, resizing the text becomes much simpler.

Here are just a few advantages.

Easy to resize big chunks of text.

If you add big pieces of text to your videos, adjusting them on the canvas can be a daunting task. This might be especially frustrating when you wanted the text to occupy a certain number of lines, for aesthetic purposes.

Now you can resize the text on video by simply dragging the mouse.

No need to add spaces to line up the text.

Aligning the text using spaces is not the best solution but it was the only one users had in the past. When you added extra spaces to align the text, chances were, it wasn’t scalable. In other words, if you had to change the size of the text box or align it with the background image, you would have to start over again.

Text resize: video formats

With the new text resize feature, you don’t need to use spaces to line up the text. The video editor does it for you.

It’s now easy to align two text box one underneath the other

If there are two or more text blocks on one slide in your video, you can now easily align them one under the other. This way, you will make sure the text blocks are aligned perfectly well.

Align two text blocks

Over to you

At, we strive to make video creation as smooth and easy and possible. This update is one of the many that we have planned for this year.

How are you going to use the new text resize?

We’ll keep you in the loop!

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