Sunday is usually a day for lounging, taking a break from the world, catching up on news, important stock changes, or hanging out with your kids. Today, we suggest posting to social media about a particular Startup you're fond of, or even promoting awareness about your company!
  • Promote. Why is this company worth recognition? What are they doing that nobody else is? Providing your opinion in a thoughtful way on social media will garner you lots of followers. Tag relevant influencers in the industry if you'd like to hear what they think of your opinions, too.
  • Be charitable. Spread the love and kindness this Sunday by spotlighting a loyal customer or evangelist. Make sure you retweet, reblog, follow, like, subscribe & more to give them that social morale boost!
  • Talk about your company. If you are a startup yourself, this is a great avenue to promote what you cover/do. How are you revolutionizing your industry? In what ways can other businesses help? What do you require to be successful? Do you have any parent companies in mind?
Hashtags to use this Sunday: #SS, #StartupSunday, #SundayStartups, #SundayLocals, #LocalShopping, #AdoptABusiness.
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