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  • Enchant 2.4 billion people with the video mojo

    Reach out to the broadest audience on social with powerful videos that evoke emotions, inspire actions, educate minds, and underscore your unicity. With Wave.video + Facebook integration it is a one-click deal.

  • Resize your videos across all formats

    9:16 or 16:9? Stories, ads, or in-feed videos? No need to memorize what post needs what ratio. The re-size feature tweaks your video to any size without a hitch.

  • Instantly share your creatives

    Once ready, make your video come out to the world by publishing it directly from the editor. Simply connect your Facebook account to Wave.video and start engaging with your audience.

  • Follow your brand identity

    Get recognizable in the feed with the Brand Managing tool. Be consistent and save time with customizable presets — mix and match your own colors, fonts, and frames once to create a uniform for all future videos.

  • Convey the message even when muted

    Did you know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute? Sound off — captions on! Put text on your videos in Wave.video editor to still make it to the eyes of those who can’t listen to you now.

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