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    Make engaging marketing videos with Wave.video, an online video maker. Choose from the extensive 300 million library of videos and images — or import your own. Enjoy the high video quality that Vimeo loves.

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    Planning to make square, vertical or Facebook cover videos? You can easily do that in Wave.video. Simply switch between the tabs to change the aspect ratio. The best part is that Vimeo supports them all.

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    With the native Wave.video + Vimeo integration, you can upload all videos that you make in the video maker directly to Vimeo. Simply connect the two accounts, add a name and description to your video — et voilà! It’s uploaded to Vimeo right away.

  • Join the Community of 10,000,000 Creators

    Join the Community of 10,000,000 Creators

    With Vimeo, you can not only host but also sell your beautiful videos. Join the well established and developing community of talented professionals and take your videos to the next level with Wave.video + Vimeo.

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