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How does it work?

  • Step 1. Start with a plan

    What exactly is your video going to show? Do you want to make a teaser for the blog post or is it going to cover each paragraph of your post? Depending on the goal you are trying to achieve with video, you then want to set a plan for the video.

  • Step 2. Choose a video

    Time to get down to actual video creation! If you don’t have your own video, switch to the tab “Library”. In Wave.video, you have access to 200 million royalty-free videos, so there is a good chance you will find the one that suits your story best.

  • Step 3. Add text to video

    To ensure your readers actually know what the video is about, put text on your video. You might want to add a blog post title or go with a short description of each paragraph. Whichever option you chose, make sure the text stays on the screen for at least 5 sec.

  • Step 4. Add a call to action

    You want to drive users to action, be it visiting your website or sharing the post with their audience. Thus, don’t forget to add a call to action to your video. It might be different things like: “Read more”, “Follow us on Facebook”, or anything else that you find necessary.

  • Step 5. Download and share

    Step 5. Download and share

    Once you’ve added text to your video and finished up with a call to action, head over to the section “Publish” to download your project.

What the experts are saying

Mari Smith
I LOVE Wave.video for creating quick, professional videos! The UI is super easy to use, with intuitive drag and drop. Wave.video is definitely one of the easiest video editing tools I've come across!
Mari Smith

Premier Facebook Marketing Expert, Social Media Thought Leader

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