Audio Waveform Generator

Enrich your videos with audiograms. Visualize the speech and sounds with waveforms to induce unmuting your videos. Make your videos more dynamic and eye-catching, and they won’t go unnoticed in the feed.


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I can easily scale my videos between social media platforms. It's easy to replace template images with my own.
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Toiny W.

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How to add an audiogram to the video:
Step-by-step guide

  • Step 1.<br/>Get your video inside the Wave.video editor.

    Step 1.
    Get your video inside the Wave.video editor.

    Upload the video you’d like to enhance with an audiogram to the platform. No footage yet? Browse the stock library then.

  • Step 2.<br/>Add waveforms atop of your video.

    Step 2.
    Add waveforms atop of your video.

    Go to the “Enhancers” tab and add an audiogram choosing from a selection of visualization presets.

  • Step 3.<br/>Customize the audiogram.

    Step 3.
    Customize the audiogram.

    Change the style, frequency, and colors for your waveforms. Adjust the size and position. Your video with an audiogram is good to go.

Ready-made templates for short videos with audiograms

Click on any video template to customize it for your business and use case.

Why Your Video Needs an Audiogram

Sound visualization is eye-catching
Sound visualization is eye-catching

Waveforms are captivating and will make your videos stand out in the feed. Add an audiogram to your video to amuse your viewers.

Great for content repurposing
Great for content repurposing

Got a new podcast episode? Easily turn your voice recording into a dynamic video using waveforms.

The best way to get your video unmuted
The best way to get your video unmuted

An audiogram is a surefire way to notify your audience that your video is worth watching with the sound on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are audiograms and waveforms?
Audiograms and waveforms are animated charts that you can add to your videos to visualize sounds, voice and music featured in your videos.
How can I use videos with audiograms and waveforms?
Audiograms make a great addition to any video that features voice or music. They are attention-grabbing and give the audience a signal to unmute the video. These videos work especially great for podcast promotion: you can easily turn short snippets of your voice recording into an eye-catching video for social channels.
Can I customize the look of an audiogram with Wave.video?
Yes. Wave.video comes with 14 different audiograms presets to choose from. Plus, you can set the chart frequency, apply glowing shadows, change colors and adjust the size of your audiogram.