Video Splitter Online

Split videos in a snap with Wave.video online video editing toolkit. Get the best bits of your footage with an accurate and precise video splitter. Cut your video into as many pieces as you want, remove the unneeded scenes and mount a great video story!


How to split a video online

  • 1. Prepare the video you want to split or cut

    1. Prepare the video you want to split or cut

    Upload your footage to the Wave.video platform and access the editing mode.

  • 2. Split your video

    2. Split your video

    Cut your video into pieces right on the timeline using the ruler and the “scissors” icon.

  • 3. Finalize your edits

    3. Finalize your edits

    Remove the parts you want to cut away, glue the remaining scenes together with video transitions,, add text or animated overlays, atop, voiceover and caption your video.

Why use Wave.video to split your videos (and more)

Wave.video is 100% online
Wave.video is 100% online

You don’t need to install anything on your computer to cut a video or do any other edits. Just open the video editor in a web browser and get ready to make wonderful videos.

Wave.video is easy-to-use
Wave.video is easy-to-use

Indeed, you won’t get lost inside the editor. Whilst there are lots of powerful features included, the interface is simple and the user experience is smooth.

More than just an online video cutter
More than just an online video cutter

Wave.video comprises an extensive set of video editing features. With this full-fledged video editing solution, you can create stunning video collages, resize videos to any format, add music or generate a voiceover, for your clip and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many parts can I split my video into?
You can cut your video into as many pieces as you need. The minimum length of each bit is 1 second.
What is the minimum length of a video scene that I can cut off?
You can split your video into bits that last for 1 second or more.
How can I do video splitting more precisely?
You can zoom in the timeline to make your cuts more precise. Find a zooming feature under the timeline on the right.
What video formats does Wave.video support?
Wave.video supports a wide range of video formats: MP4, WebM, WMV, AVI, MKV, MOV, M4V, m2ts, ts, tsv. You can upload video clips of various formats to split and cut them.