Who is Wave.video Coach

If you are building a community using your expertise in video marketing then this program is for you. We team up with professionals who generously share their findings and results to help other marketers become better at what they do.

How do we cooperate

  • Complimentary access for you

    Complimentary access for you

    It’s important to know the product you recommend. Once we start working together you get complimentary Creator access to our platform for 3 months. If you’re new to Wave.video we will help you onboard and answer any questions.

    If we see positive results for both your community and Wave.video team we will be happy to prolong your subscription as long as we maintain a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Product perks for your community

    Product perks for your community

    You get a personal coupon code that offers a 20% discount to any Wave.video plan for your community. If you’re up to initiate a giveaway to motivate marketers to create more awesome videos we are happy to support it with custom product perks.
  • Co-marketing activities

    Co-marketing activities

    We’re eager to help our community keep the pulse on the latest trends and invite you to share your expertise with Wavers. It could be a live show broadcasted simultaneously across all Wave.video social channels or guest post on our blog.
  • VIP invites to networking events

    VIP invites to networking events

    We cherish the importance of off-line relationships and organize closed events to meet our partners. You will get invited to our VIP parties and meet other like-minded professionals.
  • We keep you up-to-date

    We keep you up-to-date

    We make sure you’re aware of all the product updates and use our video marketing platform at its full capacity. Your feedback, in turn, helps us build instruments that allow you to create stunning videos fast and easy and get results.
  • We always listen

    We always listen

    If you have any questions or ideas on how we can make our product or partnership better you can contact our ambassador program manager any time at ambassador@wave.video.

Please be advised that Wave.video does not guarantee acceptance to any of our programs. Our decision will be based on whether or not we feel there is a good partnership potential and that you and us make a good fit.