Real Estate Agency Ups Their Marketing Efforts with Wave.video

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EXIT Realty Corp. International is a full-service real estate franchisor. We talked to Margaret Hamilton, Regional Owner/CEO of EXIT Realty Colorado, who has been at the forefront of video marketing for over 10 years.

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    Wave.video Use Cases

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Video Marketing Practices

EXIT Realty Colorado maintains multifaceted social media marketing and aims to create more promotional and explanatory videos for the company’s social channels, website, and email newsletters.

Company Videos Promote:

• The brand of EXIT Colorado franchise
• Brokers and agents
• Events

Challenges & Solutions

Finding the right tool

Prior to Wave.video, Margaret had to use 3-4 software programs to create the videos she needed. Programs she initially used never offered all the essential features in one place. With Wave.video it took her just 5-10 minutes to create a beautiful and complete project.

Overcoming fear of camera

Some people do not have the level of camera confidence needed to put their face out on social media or live stream on social networks. Creating a pre-recorded video helps to bypass this fear of being live on camera and usually results in a higher-quality content as it can be edited. Different real estate objects can be demonstrated: homes from new listings, just-solds, closing, etc.

Posting more videos

But there are many facets of video marketing that real estate professionals can benefit from, if they replace still-image presentations with videos. Video is now considered the most effective way to reach users. Margaret’s social media video posts show great results, compared to still image posts: spiking reach, engagement, and click-through rates.

Creating videos from scratch

Not everyone has a creative mind and skills to make a professionally-looking video. Some can’t overcome the fear of a blank canvas. Templates have been a huge help for Margaret. She uses them for inspiration, to mix and match video fragments, change colors and logos to EXIT Realty Colorado branding and create amazing videos.

Resizing videos

Apart from video creation itself, there’s another time-consuming factor: resizing the video to all the social media formats out there. It is now super-easy thanks to the “Add the format” button in Wave.video editor.

Margaret Hamilton

I can rave more about Wave.video than I’ve been raving about Wave.video, because you are constantly adding new features. And that makes my job and creativity easier and easier.

Margaret Hamilton
CEO, EXIT Realty Colorado
The Results

The Results

Facebook performance for posts created using Wave.video in comparison to the regular ones:

  • x20,6


  • x96,0


  • x85,5


How the peak campaign post’s performance improved after adding the Wave.video:

  • x96,7


  • x125


  • x650


Margaret Hamilton

Showcase yourself! Nowadays the industry has shifted, and your clients want to know who you are before they pick up their phones. So any videos that an agent can create showcasing their professional background, and how can they lead their client throughout the transactions — that’s huge. And that brings them to be a trusted advisor rather than a real estate person.

Margaret Hamilton
CEO, EXIT Realty Colorado

Examples of Real Estate Videos

  • 16_9_Top_10_Most_Viewed_Properties
  • 9_16_Real_Estate_Nature
  • Real estate video_ 7 tips for selling your house