Online Video Enhancer: Make your Videos Stand out

Make your videos visually appealing with color filters, stylish layouts, smooth transitions, and special forms. Use Wave.video as an online video enhancer tool.

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Online Video Enhancer: Make your Videos Stand out

Free Online Video Enhancer

To create engaging video content, remember to give of your best for an ideal video! Color filters, animation, smooth transitions, appropriate speed and volume, and visual components like a progress bar or countdown are all essentials if you want to catch attention.
Wave.video online video editor gives you access to multiple video enhancer tools. Benefit from a free video quality enhancer, choose the format of your video, set the resolution, and make it meet the highest expectations.

How to Enhance your Video

  • Enter Wave.video editor

    Login to your Wave.video account, go to My Projects, and click on Create.

  • Enhance video

    In the editor, explore multiple video enhancer settings: color filters, animation, speed, volume, transactions, layouts, and overlays.

  • Choose publish option

    When you are done, click on Publish; set the ideal video quality, format, and resolution.

Secure and easy

Secure and easy

There’s no need to share your credentials and account access. Just send your guests a link to join the live event, and they can add their channels using a free Wave.video account.

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Cooperate with more streamers

Cooperate with more streamers

Invite up to 12 guests at once and broaden your audience reach. You can grant different rights from a live stream host to a producer for easy collaboration.

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High-quality multistreaming

High-quality multistreaming

Broadcast up to 10 destinations at once with the best video quality. Wave.video supports everything from YouTube and Facebook to Amazon Live and even custom RTMPs.

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Finally a Video App that Makes Video Creation Easy!

Wave makes it possible for us to either create videos for them at a very affordable price or we train them on how to use the platform themselves. Their videos come out looking professional and they like that.
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Shannon L.

Shannon L.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enhance video quality online?
Yes, of course! With Wave.video video enhancer tool, you can make any video look better. There are multiple options to enhance your video, for instance, color filters, speed changing, flexible resolution, format and quality settings.
What to do to enhance video quality?
There are several simple tips to enhance video quality: upscale resolution, adjust frame rate, aspect ratio, codec, bitrate, reduce noise, normalize contrast, brightness, and saturation.
How to increase video resolution in Wave.video?
Once you are done with video editing, click on Publish and choose video. Now you are in the rendering menu, here you can choose the preferable resolution: 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p.
How to enhance video quality?
Upload your video to Wave.video, open it in the editor, make any changes if needed, then press Publish button, and click on video. In the rendering menu, go to Quality, and choose Maximum.

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