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Beauty and Care Video Templates Collection

Build a booming beauty business and win your customer’s steadfast loyalty with the help of videos. These video templates are cut out for promoting beauty treatments, hair and make-up services, and spa facilities.

Start with “beauty & care” stock videos and images:

Woman Buying Beauty Care Products In Store With Shopping Cart
Focused female athlete performing squats over neutral background
Beautiful face of young asian woman with happy smiling and touch cheek looking mirror with charming, makeup of beauty facial girl with skincare and cosmetic treatment, skin care and healthy concept.
Two Female Teenagers Lying in Bed Wearing Eye Masks
flower, green, botany
A close-up shot of vibrant red and orange flowers blooming against a backdrop of lush green leaves. The delicate petals and intricate details of the flowers are highlighted, showcasing the beauty of nature. The image captures the essence of a tropical garden, with the bright colors and natural surroundings creating a serene and picturesque scene.
Beauty care for cat made perfect in pet spa
ai generated, woman, beautiful
Portrait young Asian beautiful woman touching perfect neck skin over grey background, Asian beauty skin concept
Portrait of a beautiful woman with clear skin on a white background
sunlight, sun, light
Young woman applying moisturiser
Beauty care procedures, young person with colorful hair in vibrant bathrobe
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How to Customize
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You don't need to be a designer to create
good-looking videos for your marketing campaigns. Learn how to customize video templates to come up with wow-worthy videos!

Free Beauty & Care Video Templates Collection

Video templates are meant to ease and speed up the video production process. No need to invest in complicated professional video editing software or enroll in a designing course. Customizable video templates is a surefire way to come up with pro-looking videos in minutes.

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