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Listicle Video Templates

Breathe new life into your list-based content with the collection of editable listicle video templates. Delight your audience with easily digestible videos that are both engaging and informative.

Start with “listicles” stock videos and images:

javelin throw back athlete thrower in track and field event. Undefined athlete javelin throwing during Athletics Championships. Sportsman practising javelin throw against blue sky with clouds
Businessman on the phone
People Leaving the Plane Through Jet Bridge
Female cyclist standing next to the bicycle on a mountain road. 
Undefined young bicyclist girl with a backpack, helmet and yellow coat.  Faroe Islands mountain biking in a beautiful natural scenery
Side view of a Caucasian male baseball player during a baseball game, hitting a ball with a baseball bat and running on a sunny day, with other players in the foreground, in slow motion
Front view of a diverse group of elementary school kids sitting on chairs in a circle and interacting during a lesson, one African American girl standing and talking while her classmates and male
Emotional water colours
Sunset and blue sky stripes on Aruba island.
Closeup shot of modern sink tap, undefined person is washing hands with liquid soap under it.
Illustration of people working in a company
Advisor Or Lawyer Consulting Business Tax And Mortgage In Face Mask
Following and undefined baby feet walking on beach at sunset with sea waves splashing his barefoot legs, SLOW MOTION
Front view of a Caucasian male teacher using a human anatomy model to teach a diverse group of elementary school children during a biology lesson, the children sitting in a circle and raisinbg their
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Wave.video Template

You don't need to be a designer to create
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Free Listicle Video Templates Collection

With Wave.video’s extensive collection of listicle video templates, you can easily create engaging videos for your social media, blog, website, or email newsletter in a matter of minutes. All the templates are free and easy to customize to suit your brand and industry.