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Free and Editable Website Video Templates

Make your website a spectacular place with a collection of website video templates. Leverage the responsive web design and build alluring web pages with Bootstrap, WordPress, and other frameworks.

Start with “website” stock videos and images:

Man Scrolls a Website Using His Laptop Track Pad
THAILAND - SEPTEMBER 2, 2014: Magnifying glass of twitter page compose new tweet view on web browser.
Web developing and coding
Businesswoman in hard-hat using laptop outdoors
atoms, electrons, pixabay
Male hands typing on laptop keyboard in darkness. Unrecognizable young Caucasian man coding computer virus or hacking web site online. Cyber attacks and security concept.
wordpress, web, design
Online news article on tablet screen. Electronic newspaper or magazine. Latest daily press and media. Mockup of digital portal and website. Happy person using web service in the morning.
CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - SEPTEMBER 24, 2014: Social media brands printed on sticker and placed on coffee spoon wood table. Include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
coding, developing, girls
Businessman in hard-hat talking on walkie-talkie outdoors
Woman Shopping Online For Clothes On Amazon Website At Home
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How to Customize Any
Wave.video Template

You don't need to be a designer to create
good-looking videos for your marketing campaigns. Learn how to customize video templates to come up with wow-worthy videos!

Free Website Video Templates Collection

Wave.video helps you speed up the production of video content for your website, blog, and social media channels. Explore the rich collection of video templates and turn the ones you like into your own branded content. All elements of the templates are fully customizable. You can fine-tune them to your use case, message and branding in a matter of minutes.

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