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Video Templates for Various Use Cases

Create captivating video content in a matter of minutes with Wave.video’s collections of pre-made video templates for various use cases and business purposes. Customizable and free!

Blog promotion

TikTok Benchmarks: Socialinsider Study

TikTok's Watch Rate: Socialinsider

Posting on TikTok: Socialinsider Study

Cyber Security

Kids Happiness


Travel Time Countdown

Wedding Invitation

Webinar for Parents

Webinar Intro

Bright Countdown

Event promotion

Fashion Podcast

Event Invitation

Conference Announcement

Live Tutorial Promotion

Masterclass Announcement

Zoom Video Backgrounds

Weather Reporter Background

Live Tutorial Promotion

Mountains Virtual Background

Van Gogh 'The Bedroom'

Yacht Virtual Background

Fun social posts

Best Dad Jokes for Father's Day

Zoom Meeting Meme

Cute Valentine's Day Puns

Best Holiday Movies

Coffee Meme

Happy birthday

Birthday Grid

Father's Birthday Video

Grandma Birthday Card

Birthday Rounded Video

Special Birthday Offer


Love and Eat

Love and Eat

Kids Happiness

Healthy Sleep Habits

Uncommon Gifts for Mother's Day

Best Holiday Movies

Lower third

Lower Third — Medical Theme

Brush Stroke Lower Third

Branded Lower Third

Appreciation Quote

Lyric Video

Podcast promotion

Podcast Social Promo

SMM Podcast Promotion

Podcast Snippet

Podcast Teaser

Business Podcast Promotion

Product demo

Product FAQ

Chunky Blanket Product Demo

Screwdriver Product Demo

Macrame Dream Catcher

The Best in Beauty

Special offers and sales

Labor Day Offer

World Emoji Day

Fruit Bowl Special Deal

Easter Special

Special Birthday Offer

Travel vlog

TikTok Benchmarks: Socialinsider Study

Posting on TikTok: Socialinsider Study

Vlog Teaser

How to Read Food Labels

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes


How to Read Food Labels

Healthcare Media Platform Promotion

Sandwich Recipes

How to Protect Yourself Against Viruses

Makeup Tutorial


Birthday Grid

Birthday Rounded Video

Be kind

Be kind

Childhood template

Special Birthday Offer

Video games

Video Games

Video Game Streaming Teaser

Start with “use cases” stock videos and images:

Rear view of three multiethnic special agents working on crime case in office at daytime, searching digital database, talking, using computer
Businesspeople walking
HD 1080p - Series of briefcase close-ups
A flock of American white pelicans preening themselves along the bank of the lake.
Female doctor using digital tablet to check patient's medical case in medical office
Judge holding gavel in courtroom
Unrecognizable businessman or lawyer in formal suit with briefcase goes down stairs from meeting
An American white pelican swimming in the lake.
Using Phone in Wallet Case in Portrait Mode at Home. Causal Lifestyle
Business people walking up steps
Feet of young businessman with a briefcase walking in city street. Business man commuting to work. Confident guy in suit being on his way to work. Cityscape background. Slow motion Rear view Close up
Three multiethnic special agents working on secret crime case in office at daytime, searching digital database, talking, using computer, Black man closing horizontal blinds
Hispanic businessman holding empty briefcase
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How to Customize Any
Wave.video Template

You don't need to be a designer to create
good-looking videos for your marketing campaigns. Learn how to customize video templates to come up with wow-worthy videos!

Free Use Cases Video Templates Collection

With Wave.video’s diverse collections of editable video templates for various use cases, you will save time and effort when making engaging video content for your niche. All you need to do is choose a video template that suits your goals best, customize it to your branding, and download or share directly on social media.

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