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Instagram Story Video Templates

Use your IG Stories to their fullest potential with these 200+ customizable Instagram Story video templates. Easily create compelling ephemeral video content that your followers will be excited about.

Start with “stories” stock videos and images:

Portrait of handsome bearded Caucasian man talking with group of friends in cafe and smiling. Positive young man telling stories and having fun with fellows. Lifestyle, joy, leisure.
Granny and little girl reading Christmas stories by decorated firtree
boat, rhine, technology
Mother and daughter reading
Portrait of daughter and her father sitting in living room and looking photo album with good memories and funny stories. Father and daughter relationship. A happy family.
In nature's embrace, serenity intertwines with the elegance of human form
Loving ethnic mother telling a story to daughter in cozy hut
statues, sculptures, monument
old town, snow, snowfall
My mom's stories always are interesting
Middle-aged mother and her teen daughter in eyeglasses lying in bed under blanket and reading bedtime stories and fairytales together near a warm salt lamp at night. Family bonding, parenthood concept
Tiara and shoe
Book opening with turning pages HD
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How to Customize Any
Wave.video Template

You don't need to be a designer to create
good-looking videos for your marketing campaigns. Learn how to customize video templates to come up with wow-worthy videos!

Free Instagram Reels & Stories Video Templates Collection

With Wave.video’s collection of easy-to-edit Instagram Story video templates, you will be able to effortlessly create engaging videos for your Stories in minutes. Just pick a template of your liking, customize it for your brand, and download the resulting video. Quick and simple!

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