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Live Streaming Templates

Take your live videos to the next level with our collections of customizable templates for live streaming. Pick a style of your choice and create eye-catching intros & outros, informative lower thirds, scroll-stopping thumbnails, and many more to make your live streams look more professional and unique.

Christmas Sweater theme

Intro — Christmas Sweater Theme

Thumbnail — Christmas Sweater Theme

Thumbnail — Christmas Sweater Theme

Outro — Christmas Sweater Theme

Overlay — Christmas Sweater Theme

Overlay — Christmas Sweater Theme

Countdown — Ugly Sweater Theme

Holiday Season Theme

Title — Holiday Season Theme

Intro — Holiday Season Theme

Guest Intro — Holiday Season Theme

Giveaway Winners — Holiday Season Theme

Background — Holiday Season Theme

Old Hollywood Theme

Countdown — Old Hollywood Theme

Intro — Old Hollywood Theme

Starting Soon — Old Hollywood Theme

Be Right Back — Old Hollywood Theme

Outro — Old Hollywood Theme

Poinsettia Theme

Title — Poinsettia Theme

Intro — Poinsettia Theme

Countdown — Poinsettia Theme

Be Right Back — Poinsettia Theme

Starting Soon — Poinsettia Theme

Festive Theme

Title — Festive Theme

Intro — Festive Theme

Outro — Festive Theme

Countdown — Festive Theme

Lower Third — Festive Theme

Thanksgiving theme

Guest Intro — Thanksgiving Theme

Host Intro — Thanksgiving Theme

Live Stream Promo — Thanksgiving Theme

Giveaway — Thanksgiving Theme

Winners Announcement — Thanksgiving Theme

Halloween theme

Host Intro — Halloween Theme

Guest Intro — Halloween Theme

Countdown — Halloween Theme

Live Stream Promo — Halloween Theme

Outro — Halloween Theme

Interior design theme

Lower Third — Interior Design Theme

Outro — Interior Design Theme

Intro — Interior Design Theme

Guest Intro — Interior Design Theme

Key Takeaways — Interior Design Theme

Makeup theme

Intro — Makeup Theme

Guest Intro — Makeup Theme

Key Takeaways — Makeup Theme

Lower Third — Makeup Theme

Outro — Makeup Theme

Medical theme

Lower Third — Medical Theme

Guest Intro — Medical Theme

Intro — Medical Theme

Key Takeaways — Medical Theme

Outro — Medical Theme

Remote work theme

Key Takeaways — Remote Work Theme

Outro — Remote Work Theme

Guest Intro — Remote Work Theme

Lower Third — Remote Work Theme

Intro — Remote Work Theme

Fitness theme

Intro — Fitness Theme

Key Ideas — Fitness Theme

Lower Third — Fitness Theme

Guest Intro — Fitness Theme

Outro — Fitness Theme

Night city theme

Outro — Night City Theme

Lower Third — Night City Theme

Intro — Night City Theme

Key Takeaways — Night City Theme

Guest Intro — Night City Theme

Gradient business theme

Intro — Gradient Business

Lower Third — Gradient Business Theme

Key Takeaways — Gradient Business Theme

Guest Intro — Gradient Business Theme

Outro — Gradient Business Theme

Cooking show theme

Outro — Cooking Show Theme

Key Takeaways — Cooking Show Theme

Intro — Cooking Show Theme

Guests Intro — Cooking Show Theme

Lower Third — Cooking Show Theme

Neon smoke theme

Intro — Neon Smoke Theme

Guests Introduction — Neon Smoke Theme

Be Right Back — Neon Smoke Theme

Tech Issues — Neon Smoke Theme

Countdown — Neon Smoke Theme

Gradient Theme

Starting Soon — Gradient Theme

Intro — Gradient Theme

Live Stream Promo — Gradient Theme

Outro — Gradient Theme

Key Takeaways — Gradient Theme

Yogurt theme

Countdown — Yogurt Theme

Intro — Yogurt Theme

Lower Third — Yogurt Theme

Thumbnail — Yogurt Theme

Tech Issues — Yogurt Theme

Coffee theme

Countdown — Coffee Theme

1 Frame Overlay — Coffee Theme

2 Frames Overlay — Coffee Theme

Lower Third — Coffee Theme

Key Takeaways — Coffee Theme

Spiritual theme

Countdown — Spiritual Theme

Tech Issues — Spiritual Theme

Intro — Spiritual Theme

Live Stream Promo — Spiritual Theme

Be Right Back — Spiritual Theme

Nature theme

Countdown — Nature Theme

Outro — Nature Theme

Intro — Nature Theme

Lower Third — Nature Theme

Starting Soon — Nature Theme

Honeycomb theme

Countdown — Honeycomb Theme

Branded Pre-Roll Screen — Honeycomb Theme

Pre-Roll Screen — Honeycomb Theme

Lower Third — Honeycomb Theme

Guests Introduction — Honeycomb Theme

Geometric theme

Starting Soon — Countdown

Thumbnail — Geometric Theme

Intro — Geometric Theme

Key Takeaways — Geometric Theme

2 Frames Overlay — Geometric Theme

Dark peach theme

Countdown — Dark Peach Theme

2 Frames Overlay — Dark Peach Theme

1 Frame Overlay — Dark Peach Theme

Key Takeaways — Dark Peach Theme

Intro — Dark Peach Theme

Subtle theme

Countdown — Subtle B/W Theme

2 Frames Overlay — Subtle B/W Theme

Intro — Subtle B/W Theme

Key Takeaways — Subtle B/W Theme

Starting Soon — Subtle B/W Theme

Acid pastel theme

Intro — Acid Pastel Theme

Starting Soon — Acid Pastel Theme

Countdown — Acid Pastel Theme

Lower Third — Acid Pastel Theme

Guests Introduction — Acid Pastel Theme

Color bars theme

Countdown — Color Bars Theme

Starting Soon — Color Bars Theme

Guest Introduction — Color Bars Theme

Outro — Color Bars Theme

Intro — Color Bars Theme

Black star theme

Countdown — Black Star Theme

Live Stream Promo — Black Star Theme

Be Right Back — Black Star Theme

Intro — Black Star Theme

Starting Soon — Black Star Theme

Company theme

Lower Third — Company Theme

Outro — Theme

Tech Issues — Company Theme

Countdown — Company Theme

Be Right Back — Company Theme

US theme

Intro — US Flag Theme

Tech Issues — US Flag Theme

Guests Introduction — US Flag Theme

Starting Soon — US Flag Theme

Be Right Back — US Flag Theme

Emerald theme

Intro — Emerald Theme

Guests Introduction — Emerald Theme

Outro — Emerald Theme

Be Right Back — Emerald Theme

Key Points — Emerald Theme

Linkedin remastered theme

Speaker Introduction — LinkedIn Remastered Theme

Thumbnail — LinkedIn Remastered Theme

Starting Soon — LinkedIn Remastered Theme

Countdown — LinkedIn Remastered Theme

Guest & Host Introduction — LinkedIn Remastered Theme

SMD Summit theme

Countdown — SMD Summit Theme

Lower Third — SMD Summit Theme

Main Takeaways Screen — SMD Summit Theme

Main Takeaways Overlay — SMD Summit Theme

Q&A — SMD Summit Theme

Romantic Valentine’s Day theme

Starting soon — Romantic Valentine's Day Theme

Intro — Romantic Valentine's Day Theme

Countdown — Romantic Valentine's Day Theme

Intro for 2 guests — Romantic Valentine's Day Theme

Overlay — Romantic Valentine's Day Theme

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With amazing collections of editable live streaming templates, you will be able to freshen up the look and feel of your live videos without the need to hire professional motion designers. All the templates are free and easy to customize to your branding and needs.

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